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Because of what cellulite and how to get rid of it?

So, consider a bit more, which is why there is cellulite and how to get rid of it - the answers to these questions will help each of us to be on the warpath, declaring the fight a non-ideal figure.

Here are the most common cause of the "orange peel»:

  • passive lifestyle (sedentary work, leisure time on the couch watching TV, etc.);
  • harmful foods and frequent snacks;
  • late suppers;
  • smoking;
  • alcohol;
  • constant stress.

That initial causes of cellulite.You may ask how all this affects the horrible fat deposition under the skin?The answer is very simple: It is for these reasons, and this is an imbalance of the body, and it follows a bad circulation of fluid in the body and difficulty O slag.It turns out the ideal environment for the development of cellulite.

But not only toxins are the cause of these unsightly bumps on the skin.The second reason is the toxins they, as well as the slag, must be regularly excreted.But now rare to find a person who would monitor the resolution of this problem at a de

cent level.The only escape from them (that is, the toxins) is a fiber, but it in our diet there is little, because we eat only those foods that are quick to prepare, but they have only fats and carbohydrates.It follows from this that the modern human diet can not help rid the body of toxins.

Now let's add the two issues together.Lack of physical activity - this time, and absolutely unprofitable food - that's two.Get all the famous painting called cellulite.

First of all, it would cease to be a haven for cellulite, we need to completely change your diet, namely, to eliminate all foods with a high content of fat and carbohydrates and give the green light foods high in vitamins and fiber.

But remember, do not it will be enough to eat to get rid of this disease.Do not forget that the second major problem is the lack of physical activity.It's time to go to the gym and improve muscle tone or you can persevere home.

There are four main stages of cellulite

  1. This is one of the easiest steps.It appears puffiness on his buttocks and thighs.Swelling appears on the accumulation of toxins in the interstitial fluid.
  2. When muscle tension visible light roughness of the skin.This plotneyut fat arise from the fact that the liquid in the fatty tissue becomes more plus the added pressure on the veins and increased swelling.
  3. «orange peel" can be seen even in the relaxed muscle.This occurs due to the fact that now the fluid pressure exerts on the arteries and impedes the flow of oxygen.At this stage of cellulite begins its active development.
  4. During this last stage, the roughness of the skin is already very clearly visible and causes pain when pressure is applied to problem areas.

get rid of the obsessive cellulite at any stage will help fitness, shaping, yoga, skin care at home and, of course, anti-cellulite massage in professional salons.

But, of course, not everything is as bad as it might seem.If you have the first or second stage, you will easily cope with the problem, and in the home.The most important thing - it is an active massage problem areas.Here, for example, we can offer you a very good honey massage.Apply a bit of a problem skin of liquid honey, it must always be fresh and in any case not zasaharёnnym.So, you put it on your skin and begin to massage with light pat.The entire procedure should not take more than 10 minutes, then wash off the remnants of honey under the cold shower and causes cellulite cream.The procedure is performed during 10 sessions of not less than once every two days.

Very good protivotsellyulitnye effects have essential oils for bathing.Oils of lemon, rosemary, juniper, sage, black pepper are a great help for the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body and stimulate blood circulation.For making a pleasant and useful bath should mix 2 drops of black pepper oil, 2 drops of lemon oil, 2 drops of sage, and add 30 milliliters of oil bases, such as olive oil.

But do not strongly discouraged if you have a second stage flows smoothly into the third.In this case, massages, baths and creams is not enough and it's time for more radical measures - to the sport.But this does not necessarily immediately takes off and run to buy a gym membership for the next few months, no, this can be practiced at home, the most important thing you need to know what exercises to perform is to get rid of the annoying cellulite.The most important thing in this business - took for themselves, now do not be lazy!

Several exercises in fitness, which is to pay attention

raise legs

sit on a rug or mat and bend your left leg in front of you so that the knee was laid on the floor.We straighten the right leg and led away, pulling a sock over.Rests his hands on the floor and raise and lower the straight leg.This exercise is done for 2-3 sets on each leg, where it 15-20 times.

body leans

become to one knee on the floor, straighten your back and folded his hands behind his head.We breathe in and tilt the body back, exhale - and the starting position.Exercise is carried out on each leg at least 20 times.

Raise legs up

Lie on your stomach and place your feet shoulder width apart.This exercise will help you strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs due to the fact that you will in turn raise the legs and pull the foot.It should make at least two approaches to each leg and preferably at least 20 times.

Exercises pelvis

We sit on the floor on his knees, his hands rests on the floor behind him.Raise your pelvis up and delayed by five seconds.Perform each exercise for 10 times in 2-4 approaches.

And if you have 4 stage of cellulite, do not worry and despair, and in the first place to turn the whole schedule, completely abandon the old food and gain a new diet - that you can easily help a dietitian.But that's not all, sign up for the fitness and then go down to the lounge where you will spend the course of anti-cellulite treatments.Then the probability that cellulite will appear again, is negligible.If you do it all and do not proignoriruesh article, then eventually you will get an excellent skin without "orange peel" and forget about it, how about a nightmare.It's so nice to go to the beach in the beautiful outdoor bathing suit and catch yourself a passionate view of young cute guys.

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