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The most effective means of cellulite

There are two types of cellulite - hard and soft.To distinguish them is quite simple.The first suggests that the skin on the affected areas dryablovataya and sluggish.When you press on it with your finger - it is easy to bend, and you feel under your fingers plump nodes.There can often bruising in low impact.And with solid cellulite skin looks wrinkled and dry, pinching a place you feel like roll small balls under the skin.

Regardless of the type of cellulite, get rid of it can and should be!We'll tell you about some of the most effective means of cellulite, using which you quickly reach the desired effect.Just be prepared: have to sweat!

fight against cellulite - it is a set of actions, it is a lifestyle, not a place where the extra kilos!You have to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise and do massage.But the result is worth it!

There is no single diet that absolutely would relieve you from this scourge.But if you are tormented by weight and cellulite - try to change your diet and me

nu.Replace meat lean fish and poultry, try dispenses with savory sauces and cream, put emphasis on fruits and vegetables, eat more whole-grain products.Try to drink low-fat milk.Install diet: eat every once in the same hours.Just do not slip on the plate a lot - it is better to eat more often, but less.And, of course, lots of water - this is your life credo.Let the body is displayed as much as possible toxins.The daily drink at least 2 liters of fluid.From vegetables pay attention to those who have a bright saturated color.It tomatoes and red peppers, spinach.Prepare them to salads and eat in any quantity!

The most effective means of cellulite cellulite and extra weight is usually closely related to the one thread.Therefore, the latter must be disposed of without fail!Just do not try to quickly throw off too much - sudden weight loss can only make the problem worse.

Start the fight against cellulite massage with exercise - it is a very effective tool, but you need not miss a day.You can take a massage brush or glove, or use electric massager.Such exercises accelerate blood circulation and metabolism in the body - which is very important in the fight for a beautiful figure.

Besides massage effective way of victory over cellulite are jumping.A hundred times a day will suffice.You do not need to be torn from the skin and try to jump higher.Just relax your belly and legs - and jump into the fun.After all, cellulite does not live where there are loads!Therefore it is necessary to constantly maintain muscle tone.In addition to jumping, you can sign up for fitness.More a deadly effect on cellulite belly dancing.In addition, the last - it is also food for the soul ... When you go to the fitness, spread the problem areas of the body with a special cream and put neoprene shorts (do not get carried away, an hour is necessary to remove them).This will accelerate the process of losing weight!

addition to the above, the most effective ways to combat cellulite can be organized at home.Let us consider some of them.

bath with aromatic oils

The most effective means of cellulite Excellent serve in the fight for a beautiful figure olive and orange oil.Take a tablespoon of olive oil and drip into it a few drops of citrus.Stir and pour them in a water bath.Do not be afraid if while taking this bath will gently pinch the skin - it means that the process is running, and oil is already winning cellulite.

Body Mask of coffee

you need coffee grounds and blue clay, a glass of mineral water.Mix all the ingredients to bring the weight of the viscous, but not liquid consistency.Then massage into problem areas (the skin should be wet!).It is very effective for cellulite.Repeat mask often.


The most effective means of cellulite acetic acid. Dilute vinegar (apple) with water in a ratio of 1: 1, add a little lemon oil, rosemary or mint - if you wish.Apply the mixture on the problem areas and wrap with a thin polyethylene.Top put something warmer and actively moves.As an option - lie down and take cover quilt for an hour.Then rinse off the mixture and apply moisturizer.

seaweed. You will need two packs of cabbage (dry).Pour boiling water over sea kale (need 2 liters of water temperature - 60-70 degrees).Strain the broth and the remaining mass put in place, affected by cellulite.Wrap in plastic wrap and wrapped.Soak hour after - remove the mass.

Natural. Ingredients: blue or white clay, orange and cinnamon essential oil (3 tablespoons).All thoroughly mixed, add a little warm water.Apply the resulting mixture to those areas of the body where there is cellulite and wrap with plastic wrap.Top wear warm thing, cover with a blanket and lie down because somewhere hour.After an hour rinse the mixture under warm water and apply a little cream.

Algal. Grind small amount of kelp (you can use a coffee grinder), in parallel with this, dilute with water and add black clay into the same pot 2 tablespoons of kelp.Sprinkle a little lemon or orange essential oil.Mix it all until smooth and apply to problem areas, wrap plastic wrap on top and soak for 40 minutes Rinse off after the specified time, a mixture of warm water from the skin.


The most effective means of cellulite Take a brush with stiff bristles as possible - as much as you can carry massaging motion produced by it.Every time you take a shower, take the brush and circular movements promassiruyte all problem areas: the buttocks, thighs and "sides".This massage can be done every day.

vacuum massage with honey you need is a natural product produced by bees, and special pialochka or bank for vacuum massage.Before you begin the procedures themselves, well popartes in the bathroom, then apply honey on the body, moving around.The same circular motion massage the top of a bowl or jar, carefully pressing it to the body.You will feel as if the skin is sucked into a jar - in fact inside it, the conditions of the vacuum.Sometimes bowl tear off from the body.

Cosmetics cellulite

You probably know that there are special creams and balms to help burn cellulite.They make the skin more elastic, and cellulite - less noticeable.However, it is even better to use these tools in conjunction with body wraps or during employment by fitness.

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