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Trendy Jeans Spring-Summer 2015: the most stylish female models

most fashionable women's jeans spring-summer 2015

Which just jeans models will be popular in the coming season!On the catwalks for Spring-Summer 2015 in large numbers can be seen flared jeans, wide "pipe", narrowed skinny, ragged 'boyfriends' jeans with a high waist, cropped capri pants, the classic model - and this is just a small list of what to wear offerfamous designers.In the upcoming season will enjoy great popularity and jeans, decorated with lace, embroidery, leather inserts, prints and various inscriptions.

color palette of fashion jeans in 2015 is quite diverse: from classic hard denim color to the most vivid and bold decisions.In the spring of the main colors of women's jeans will become dark blue, black, gray, brown.However, in the summer it can be safely flaunt brighter models: white, purple, pink, green, blue.

Jeans 2015: the most stylish models

What model of women's jeans are the most relevant?Let's deal.

Trendy flared.The new season of fashion triumphantly returned wide flared jea

ns in the style of the 70s, which no doubt pleased the fans retrostilya.Jeans with flared fit well in almost any figure and perfectly combined with other denim.Wide cut to hide the excessive fullness in the hips, and comfortable fit makes this model is also a very practical option for every day.

Classic.Popular among denim trousers will classic style.Designers are advised to use the technique to tuck pant legs, in order to achieve the effect of a fashion of slovenliness.But even without lapels fashion, this model is always competition.What can I say, a classic is a classic.

cropped jeans.Designers offer for the upcoming season, in addition to classical models in which traditional long, separately buy and cropped jeans.In this short version different styles will be popular: classic jeans, skinny, riding breeches, "boyfriends" wide "pipes."

Skinny.Skinny in the coming season are still in demand.They liked the ladies a few seasons ago and did not hand over their positions, and in 2015.A feature stylish skins in the new season will be overestimated waist.

¬ęBoyfriends."Straight and wide bottom, boyfriends are ideal for the creation of a free image.In the spring and summer of 2015 will enjoy special popularity jeans with slits and ragged edges, as well as models with light denim.

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