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Horseshoe - a symbol of luck or ward off evil forces?

Poluchivot unclean consent Dunstan set to work and soon a new horseshoe bylagotova.It is great to hoof, and the blacksmith was tolkopriladit it.Let us pray that all goes well, the blacksmith began zabivatpervy nail in the hoof.Then Satan howled hellish pain, because any business, blessed with prayer, it was painful for him.Feeling terrible meal, unknown people, Satan has begged Dunstan let him go, leaving delonezavershennym.However, the blacksmith, for fear that it will go on the notoriety, neposlushal it and started banging a nail with renewed vigor, in order to complete the nachatoedelo through.

Dyavolvzvyl so that shook the walls, and more than ever begged blacksmith otpustitego freedom, promising to fulfill any desire.Dunstan thought and took Satanyobeschanie that will never go down into the house, the doors of which will visetpodkova.

Since it is believed that the devil is not only bypasses storonoydoma in which they live blacksmiths, but do not fuss in the house in which over dveryamivisit


Horseshoe Why work?

Horseshoe is the oldest of the famous mascot of good luck, wealth, happiness and success.The found horseshoe can bring its owner a lot of good:

  • Firstly, horseshoe will bring you luck in love;
  • Second, give success in business and gambling;
  • Third, contribute to the preservation of health;
  • And, of course, is to protect your house from evil spirits and evil intentions of the people who come into your home.

believed that the most magical effect have a horseshoe made rukaminastoyaschego master - smith.Thus it is desirable to be made from a horseshoe metalla.Nailuchshim embodiment is gold, silver or copper.Horseshoes of drugihmaterialov not working.

From the energy point of view of a metal horseshoe obladaetsmeshannym, active-passive field.This means that the absorbing horseshoe plohuyuenergiyu emitted by the external environment, and gives good energy.

How to arrange a horseshoe in the house

First pososedstvu with a horseshoe can not have things made of artificial materials, such as wood or plastic products cross.Because takiematerialy considered "dead" and their energy is neutralized polozhitelnoevozdeystvie horseshoe.

Secondly, podkovusleduet hang in a certain position.Only then it would take svoemagicheskoe destination:

prezhdevsego, be aware that the right to place a horseshoe with the inner side of the door, not the door.In this case, the horseshoe will smooth energy housing iblagopriyatno affect the people living in it.

Veshayapodkovu ends up, as if you are creating a "cup" that accumulates positive energy and is the protective amulet for the home.

Raspolagayapodkovu ends down, you are contributing to the well-being of all people living in the house.

And, thirdly, chtobypodkova served as a mascot, it can be placed only in opredelennyhmestah:

  • Povesitnad door of one of the above methods;
  • Polozhitv first day of the full moon on the windowsill, the ends were sent vnutrdoma.It favors the emergence of money in the house;
  • Zakopatv land on the south side of the site.This ritual will provide you support vysshihsil in many aspects of your life (health, luck, harmony in relationships, love, and others.);
  • Mozhnohranit horseshoe in the car, it will protect the wearer from accidents and prochihnepriyatnostey on the road.

Happiness, created with his own hands!

Teperponyatno why Horseshoe since ancient times was considered a symbol of happiness and good luck semeynogoblagopoluchiya.And to create hand of bride and groom, it will dlyamolodoy family not just magical talisman;Horseshoe will be a talisman, guardian of the family hearth.

And if you want to do something memorable, magical, sotvoritchudo for the newlyweds on their wedding day, the best way to do this -priglasit Master Smith to help the young to create their "personal" a symbol of happiness.Believe me, this ceremony will not go unnoticed and stanetvelikolepnym beginning of a new, happy family.

How does the ceremony of "creating happiness?

On mestesvadebnogo celebrations blacksmith prepares in advance everything you need: an exciting tool, hammer, anvil, a container of water, fire and maintain prisposobleniyadlya future harvesting horseshoe.The preparation opytnomumasteru need only half an hour.As a venue for tseremoniipodhodit open area of ​​about 3 square meters

Daleepriglashayutsya young and begins the mystery of "Dedications" groom's blacksmiths.Prietom checked its strength and accuracy to the process fiance did not miss.Nasamom fact, it is just a formality, and as a rule, all the grooms prohodyateto small test.

on the bride and groom to wear special protective sleeves and aprons that protect against sluchaynyhzagryazneny their gorgeous outfits.And then with the help of an experienced blacksmith zhenihpristupaet to forge a horseshoe.The whole procedure is accompanied burnymiaplodismentami and cheerful comments of satisfied and surprised guests.Further in the game comes with the bride and groom, they pierced his future podkovu.Tak playfully tests the ability to work harmoniously newlyweds.

resulting horseshoe newly head of household levels as long as nevestane will be satisfied with the quality.Then put on a shoe brand, kotoroepodtverzhdaet uniqueness of this product.And finally the bride and tempers zakanchivaetprotseduru finished horseshoe.It remains only to clean the product overlaid it with gold paint to improve the aesthetic appearance of the finished horseshoe.

And the symbol of marital happiness is ready!

Under the applause of enthusiastic young visitors awarded ihsobstvennoruchno forged horseshoe happiness and a certificate, wherewith they are the creators of this very horseshoe.

Of course, such a gift for the wedding is not cheap, but it mozhnoprepodnesti from a few friends or relatives.And do not doubt the young minuty- appreciate it and will never forget!