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Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps

Recipes wraps cellulite is simple: what is so tough, you should only buy plastic wrap, clay, which is sold in the pharmacy, the most effective clay for the body can be considered a red or blue clay.After that sits in the bathroom back and begin to carry out preventive measures to combat cellulite.

wraps with clay cellulite

Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps Clay advance of the procedure should be diluted at a ratio of 1: 1 with normal tap water or water from thermal sources (such water is possible to buy in pharmacies of your city).Once you have built a clay water, it should apply to the most problematic areas of your body, which is present in the fully cellulite.Apply on the body should be a thick layer of clay, then we take the film and wrapped around her those areas of the body where there is clay.After wrapping for greater effect should result in a warm blanket, lie down on the sofa and sip hot green tea.

Honey wrap cellulite

Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps

Honey wrap is the most that neither is a natural method of wrapping and therefore very popular amon

g fans of natural skin care.

The method is simple, but very complex at the same time, because the honey - the product not only very malleable, but also quite sticky, and apply a remedy to the body is very difficult.But still, we try to understand that this method wraps so unusual as it seems at first glance.

Honey wrap invented a long time ago, and so many women who appreciate natural products to care for themselves, try to use honey, not only with the aim to combat cellulite, but also for the prevention of diseases of the body as the external and internal.It can be used not only as a way to combat cellulite, but also as a moisturizing care for problem areas of the body.

Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps honey to be more effective, it should be selected correctly.The best Honey wrapping - a fake, so this honey is best to be able to come to you.It should be very careful with the honey-allergic people, because honey is not always able to come even your skin.Before starting the procedure of wrapping the interaction of honey, check for allergies.For this it is very carefully put the wrist a little drop of honey and hold on the skin for about 15-20 minutes.If any redness there, hence allergies to honey you are not there, but if there were still any signs of redness or rash should immediately remove the honey from the skin and wet the skin with warm water, then treat the skin area,damaged, a special ointment against redness or burns.

To wrap to be effective, this procedure should take place every 2-3 weeks, and certainly after wrapping to do self-massage using gloves with Pupyrev and dab the skin nourishing agent (better if the vehicle will also be from the category of anti-cellulite).

Effective anti-cellulite wrap with paraffin

Also, besides the usual honey and mud wraps, there are real paraffin wraps.The wraps are different from others?However, that tends to warm the wax, and best of all in this procedure - to steam out the blood lymph.Through such simple tricks, cellulite soon disappears.But there is one thing, the disappearance of cellulite is possible only provided that such procedures do several times a week.If all the "score", do not expect any sensations in the direction of your body, so just follow the recommendations of wraps that we give you.

Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps for such a procedure requires paraffin wraps, of course, himself paraffin, brown seaweed, which are sold in pharmacies.In order to prepare a composition for paraffin wraps should mix all the above ingredients and put on a body, and then wrap it all with a special film for wrapping, if you have such a reserve is not available, you must purchase an ordinary plastic wrap and wrap oneself it.

then sit in a film a few hours, wash away all the remnants of the mixture with the body warm shower, smear the skin softening body lotion and lie down on the couch, wrapped a warm blanket.

Also, in addition to various anti-cellulite body wraps at home, there are species such as: chocolate, wrapping with essential oils, wine wrap, algae and many other types of anti-cellulite body wraps.

Domestic anti-cellulite body wraps Just if you look at his body closer, and could any body wraps can still try to avoid?The main thing - not what you figure turning, like a supermodel or plain with disabilities, like most girls.The main thing in this case - the right to put themselves to show to other people.After all, as many claim, our problems are rooted in our minds, in our self-knowledge.And if you try it a little self podrihtovat, then all will be adjusted immediately.

Beauty girl - her spiritual self-realization, and even if you - a girl with a rather non-ideal, as it seems at first glance, the figure is not necessary to lower their own self-esteem.It is necessary to take himself in hand, and in any case, do not despair, because everything is in our hands.Well, as many girls do not enjoy these pretty major and best practices, they will remain in the search for better anti-cellulite cream, although they would not look for it at all, if they knew that the essence of the problem, they are hiding in their own wellbrains.

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