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To money were carried out: signs

Our grandparents are very careful with their penny, they knew when to lend, and when not to, how to act in accordance with national practices in certain circumstances related to money.

many signs we will not will almost automatically perform, for example, when we give a purse, do not forget to put a coin to money in it were carried out.Children are not allowed to whistle at home, money will not be.If the left hand itches, we are talking about money.Although other people signs if scratched right palm - to get money, the left-giving.

But there are other almost disappeared from use signs that comply with our ancestors and passed on from generation to generation.

When to give up and return the debt?

  • return the money better in the morning.Will you give in the evening - the money will no longer be driven.
  • If you need to transfer the money in the evening, then give them must drop to the floor (as if by accident), and taking on - raise.
  • night can not lend money, otherwise they will not be home.
  • Mondays in debt do not give.
  • can not take the money in the debt under the New Year, or the whole year will be in debt.
  • Money always take your left hand and the right to give.
  • after sunset to exchange a trifle - to tears.

were carried out to money

  • The first cuckoo must necessarily pozvenet money.
  • should cut his nails on Tuesday and Friday.

  • If you see a newborn month hold for coins or gold - will become rich.

  • not recalculate their income in the evening - it's a bad omen.Count the better their profits in the morning, then it is likely to increase.

  • To attract money luck, put the biggest bill, which is in the house, under the carpet, three days before the full moon.And when the moon will wane, it is necessary to take out.

  • Keep your money in a strict order, make sure that there are no wrinkled bills.

  • You want the money arrived, store all paper money in your wallet to face him.

  • not recalculate the money in the bank - will not accumulate.

  • more money was put into the purse leaf.

Money does not like bragging

jinx their monetary well-being is very simple.So never show off their income.Money is like when it "crying."

Talisman for money luck

to monetary success was in business and trade, do yourself a talisman.Drill three small coins of any holes in them and thread or red ribbon shnurochek.Wear talisman always with you.For it is well acted, occasionally take him in hand, iterate over the coins and do not forget to think about prosperity.Then they will certainly have to be.

Cash sings about a household

  • sour cream crumbs from the table by hand - to deprive themselves of income.
  • empty bottle left on the table, it promises a lack of money.

  • sit at the table - to be poor.

  • trifle on the table to leave - to tears.

  • can not waste the evening to sweep across the threshold - wealth from the house to drive out.

If found money
  • not lift someone had dropped a trifle at the crossroads.

  • not raise money in the morning, if they found an empty stomach.

  • If you found a coin lying "eagle" up - it will bring good luck if "tails" - do not pick up.

Signs for a good trade

Each vendor has its own happy clothes that can not be washed frequently, otherwise you can "wash" with her good fortune.

decomposed when their goods on the counter, and say the words: "Product of my face, and I have (very) well done."

After the first buyer spend donations and by product, but only if it was a man.If the first customer was a woman, then it is better to hide money away to anyone even surrender them not to.Otherwise, good luck to you on this day to be seen.

To all the signs of acting, need a positive mental attitude.So do not be jealous, do not wish evil to others, serve the poor, money will always boomerang back to you.