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The most effective diet: Top - 5

But there are diets that have been tested many women and proved that not only can lead to weight loss, but do not harm the health (and this often happens when a sharp change in diet).

Effective complex diet

list of the best diets, below, can cause controversy and allegations that there are other, perhaps not so well-known, but no less effective.However, we were guided in choosing the speed of burning fat, the amount of positive feedback and prevalence.

  1. carbohydrate-free diet

    creators diets are not without reason to believe that it was an excess of carbohydrates in the body leads to excess weight.And indeed, the body simply can not have enough energy to burn all incoming carbohydrates.Thus, limiting such foods and not limiting anything else can be completely free to lose weight without harm to health and the constant feeling of weakness from malnutrition.The point is that carbohydrates enter the body in a limited amount.Protein foods (meat, eggs, dairy products) are not subject to control.In addi

    tion, you can eat fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities.

  2. One of the most effective diet - carbohydrate-free diet

  3. menu for one day:

    dietary meat - 400 g (chicken, beef, pork without fat), boiled without salt and divided into four meals.Each time you need to add to the meat side dish of vegetables that you most like.You can drink a decoction of rose hips or stewed fruit without sugar

  4. Hollywood diet

    name suggests that it is used by Hollywood stars in order to get in shape before important events.However, to quickly get rid of excess fat will not work for a week - the diet is designed for two weeks.And though it is considered by many movie stars, the best in the world will be faced with many limitations.The ban gets salt, sugar (including products) and alcohol.

    This effective diet aims to increase the consumption of foods with protein and large amounts of water.It turns out that the day a person receives a maximum of 800 calories, which is very little.Thus, the weight of guaranteed leave, even if you do all day will just lie on the couch.

  5. Hollywood diet - one of the most effective diets to existing

  6. Diet top models

    We have included it in the list because of the high efficiency.But the reviews show that it can withstand not everyone.

    It lasts only three days.But for all this time, you can eat just one egg and 300 grams of cheese per day with water.

    Sample menu:

    Initially, in the diet consisted of expensive seafood that can afford to celebrities, but they are not available to most people.Over time, the products included in the menu of this effective diet slightly altered to the needs of ordinary citizens.

    Excellent, but a harsh diet, which is very quickly lead you into shape

    give an example of just one day to have a general idea of ​​the formation of the system menu.

    • Breakfast: no
    • Lunch: tomato, one egg, a cup of coffee or green tea
    • Dinner: salad of cabbage and cucumber, half a grapefruit, one egg.

    other six days of the diet is also designed to combine protein foods with fruits and vegetables, and the cycle is repeated for another week.


most effective monodiets

They imply a certain food product for a short time.Within that time, the entire body burns extra fat, but getting enough nutrients for normal life.

  1. Kefir diet

    Reviews women who passed through this diet, they say that she is very strict, but at the same time effective.There are a few kefir diet choices.

    • for three days you should drink only yogurt (half liter), dividing it into several stages
    • five or six days to drink a half liter of kefir and eat about a kilogram of vegetables or fruit
    • Kefir mono-diet - simple and accessible to everyone, and above all effective

  2. BuckwheatDiet

    observing all the requirements, you can throw up to 10 kilograms, but hold the right time is difficult.Within a week you need to eat only steamed buckwheat without salt, drinking low-fat yogurt.The water is allowed to be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Tasty and healthy mono-diet, which guarantees the loss of tens of kilograms in just two weeks

reviewing the list, you can make a choice in favor of one or another diet, according to their preferences, based on the capability of willpower.

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