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What is burning right ear?

What is burning right ear: a scientific explanation

If we approach the phenomenon solely from a scientific point of view, the ears "burn" with strong emotions - most often it is the excitement, fear or anger.Or, on the contrary, there is a pleasant feeling of euphoria.In any case, at this time there is a powerful adrenaline rush, and as a result, blood flow to the ear shells and other bodies (face, cheeks).As a result, the ears turn red and begin to "burn" heat.

As an option - the ears are burning because of increased activity in the brain.For example, during the examination or decision difficult puzzles have a lot to think about.Thus there is a rush of blood to the brain and, consequently, to the ears.However, some researchers refute this theory, such as enhanced brain activity of many causes "burning" ears.

Shame - is another explanation for the burning ears.All of us from time to time tend to experience a similar emotional state, no matter what factors caused it.If the long lit only one ear (left

or right, it does not matter), and the other at the same time a perfectly normal tone, and the "temperature", it means the possible presence of disease or allergies.In general, with such suspicious symptoms should be required to be checked by a doctor.

Lights right ear - interpretation of omens

What is burning right ear

The people often say: "The ears are burning - means someone remembers you!".Indeed, this is one of the many interpretations of this phenomenon, the most common.It argued that the subconscious fine mental organization with special sensitivity perceives others talk about themselves.

believed that the human body is able to feel the flow directed to it of negative energy - it is clearly felt in the early morning or evening.So, if you suddenly start to burn the ears heavily, perhaps, you are actively discussing.

Burning ears often mean getting interesting news soon.This symptom may also indicate a change in the weather.In general, the interpretations of a lot.

What burns my right ear?

That interpretation folk omens:

  • Perhaps at this point you say about something good.This person may be the chief, expressing gratitude to you as an employee.Or, you speak well of you, or a close friend.Old people believe that if you guess the one who says to you, ear stops flashing.
  • Perhaps the opposite interpretation of the signs: a man's right ear off, if it is discussed in a negative way, or scold loved ones.Rather, it is the relatives (parents, brothers and sisters) or friends.
  • HOT ear means that the person wanted for the purpose of actively communicate important news or discuss a serious matter.

If burning ears: the interpretation of signs on days

  • Monday - expect a fight
  • Tuesday - separation or divorce
  • Wednesday - will be meeting on Thursday
  • - wait for good news
  • Friday - date
  • Saturday - a bad sign for trouble or misfortune
  • Sunday - profit or bargain

Do I need to believe in omens?Many see the usual things something "supernatural" and try to solve it.Others, on the contrary, prefer to believe the scientific explanation.Each chooses.