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Jumping: their role in the life of the child and exercises

Jumping positive effect on the child's body.They razvivayutvse major muscle groups, joints, ligaments, especially the legs.During vypolneniyapryzhkov children develop their strength, speed, balance, eye and koordinatsiyudvizheny.

Unlike running jump phase is not repeated, they are not cyclic.This speed-strength exercises.

For children of preschool age are recommended naiboleeprostye jumping: jumping from a height, jumps with the promotion, bouncing, in the place jumping up and a running length and height.

Courage when jumping a child gets in the game faster.Snachalaon learns to jump with the help of an adult, and later - already own.Never netoropyas events, teach the child jumps to a certain posledovatelnosti.Nachinaetsya training with the simplest - bouncing and jumping off vysoty.Dalee gradually move on to more challenging exercises - jumping up and srazbega in length and height.

First, the child must learn to jump with both feet on the floor, and then gradually move on one leg, still lat

er - to move to jumping off.

Education jumping off begins with a very small height -santimetrov to five, so a strong swing (swing) is not required.Gradually vysotapredmeta increases.For five years, it may be up to 40 cm. Prisprygivanii child's attention should be paid to the landing.Kid dolzhenprizemlyatsya with a straight back and landing sohranyatposle balance.

to classes were held with interest, necessary to give rebenkuzadanie.Older children can draw a line or a circle at a distance of 15-20 cm from the object to which the child jumps and ask egoprizemlitsya for this line or circle.As mastering the technique of jumping vysotyzadaniya can complicate, jump, for example, sideways, cotton, etc.

jump performance includes original position irazbeg swing, push, flight and landing.The proper execution of each elementapryzhka depends on the overall success.Starting position will help to fulfill zamahpri jumping off or run at a running jump.Swing defines silutolchka.In the run-up of a speed that gives strength to push.All vkomplekse determines the range.

When jumping from place push by two nogamiodnovremenno, while a running jump shot - one, a stronger leg.Force push opredelyayutrazmah or run.

main task when landing - repayment rate poletabez jerks and shocks and maintain balance.

Jumps can be divided into two types: push dvumyanogami jumping and jumping push one foot (a running).

Children often confuse the two different techniques.Therefore dlyanachala better not to mix these jumps in one lesson.One day vypolnyattolko jumping push two legs, and the other - with a running start.

Jump preferably in soft cover (mattress, mat) and vulichnyh conditions - on grass or napeske necessarily in the shoe.

Equip track barriers at home izneskolkih laid on the floor of objects: chairs, tables, an ironing board ibelevoy rope (fix it low to the ground).Let your child create obstacles pomoschyupreodolevaet alternately crawled, stepping and vzbirayasna them jumps on the carpet (height dismount should be no higher than poyasarebenka).

Outdoors equip track obstacles can pripomoschi ropes, sticks, boards, logs, bushes, etc.Overcoming track povtoryatrebenok has at least four times.In some areas, let him lazatsamostoyatelno in dangerous places closely monitor it to isklyuchitlyubuyu possibility of any injury.In the course of a game urebenka develop independently.

Exercises with jumps

We run and jump

Draw circles on the ground and various bars.Zatemvozmite child by the hand, and together with him in the running jump over oboznachennyeprepyatstviya.The purpose of this exercise - to ensure that the child peredchertoy not stop, do not interrupt the running.

doll jumping

an adult holding a baby in hand to face him ivmeste him jump to his feet and jumping on two legs odnovremenno.Pozzhe this exercise is carried out without the support of hands.


child jumping on both feet on the ground, as well as forward inazad.Adult initially holding the baby under the armpits, and later to face him for plechi.Osvoiv this way to keep the child should be only one arm.Prygaytevmeste him.

jump over puddles

with children three years of jumping with both feet can be made through "puddles".As a puddle use a hoop.If the child did not initially smozhetpereprygnut such a distance, then take another landmark: check puddle rope, rope, chalk, scarves, patterned on the mat, etc.

Alternatively, you can do a double jump: jumping into the hoop immediately jump out of it.

running jumps

running jumps become involved in the four godam.Rebenok first jump through hoops to the mat with a short run (3 m).Slediteza proper technique: run, push one leg, landing, crouching half feet.You can not fall to the hands, buttocks, etc.Gradually size obruchauvelichivaetsya.

High jump

about five years old child can learn to jump into vysotu.Prygat need to directly run, bent legs.Usually natyanutuyuverevochku jump through, but many children are afraid to catch the rope and fall.Also oniopasayutsya when swinging rack on which the rope is attached.Luchshesoorudite imitation grass and a height of about 30-40 cm from the old plastikovyhbutylok.On the street try to jump over the bushes.

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