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New life of old things - tips and ideas

Old clothes

Each person probably lying around in the closet a lot of old clothes that went out of fashion, or that does not fit.And maybe the thing just lost its appearance.However, do not despair.If you can sew, you can easily update out of fashion dresses, skirts, trousers and the like.In addition, if the thing has not lost its appearance, then it is possible to sew children's clothes, as well as it can be used as a basis for the manufacture of various kitchen tack, covers or capes for furniture.From rags can sew blanket and even a whole blanket.In addition, old pants can be easily converted into shorts, dress sundress and jacket in the jacket.

Jeans are ideal for the manufacture of bags, seat covers, curtains.Also, denim can be used for patchwork.But remember, before you start tinkering something new from old things, it must be well washed and ironed.

If you have lying around in the closet Knitwear, do not rush to throw them away.If the yarn is strong, it can dissolve and be used for breeding new

things.But first thing you need to wash and straighten the yarn.Then the new thing, the old yarn-related, it will look good.And even if you do not run the risk of knit sweaters or sweater from this yarn, it will fit perfectly for knitting socks or gloves.

Pantyhose and stockings have each girl.But, unfortunately, these things very quickly torn, sometimes even before they reach the first wash.Therefore, as a rule, torn tights go in the trash without thinking.But the tights cut into thin strips can be used for crocheting or knitting bags, mats and pads.Besides old pantyhose can fill soft toys or cushions.Sometimes they are used to make artificial flowers or textile sculpture.Many gardeners use nylon tights garter as a material in the garden.Some people use this material for the filter for paint (for repair), or as a cover for storage of pillows and blankets.

Home Textiles Home Textiles and do not rush to throw out if it has lost its original appearance.For example, sheets made of satin, linen or calico very high quality.Even if the sheets and wears out, it is not completely, but only in one place.You can cut a tainted place, and the whole fabric of leave for new clothes.From the pieces of this fabric can sew pillowcases, and even an entire sheet.From rugs and blankets can make new covers in patchwork technique.To do this, cut them to pieces and sew the pieces together.If thick blankets to sew difficult, connect the flaps together using crochet hook and yarn.

Towels as well as sheets, wear out completely.Therefore unscathed part towels can be cut, hem on the sides and used as kitchen towels.In addition, big towels, you can sew a beach bag, toweling shorts or slippers and even a children's robe.If the towels are not too big, some of them can make sponges, pads, baby bibs and kitchen potholders.

old linen tablecloths often thrown away because they appear spots that are difficult to deduce.Cut unspoiled part and sew tablecloths are bags for storage of bulk products or napkins.You can also alter these tablecloths in potholders or kitchen towels.


furniture that went out of fashion, or fallen into disrepair, are sent to the country or to the dump.But if you like tinkering, then try to make of this furniture is something new and useful.For example, of removable mezzanines and walls can make tables for shoes or tables to store toys.The bookcase can be turned into a hanger for the hall, if you remove it from the shelves and doors and instead fasten the hooks.If for such a supply closet next cabinet for shoes, then you will have ready entrance.If you decide to get rid of old furniture just because it has unpresentable form, then this problem can be solved with adhesive tape.

Girls who own decoupage techniques, will be able to easily upgrade any furniture.This may be an old chest of drawers or cupboard, kitchen and piano, as well as children's furniture.In addition, the facade of furniture can be updated with a cloth.Obtyanite furniture shall describe fabric or acrylic paints, varnish and then unpack.

with upholstered furniture is not the case.Independently update it very difficult, so it is best to contact the experts.But in some cases, restoration of the sofa can be more expensive than buying a new sofa.However, if you decide to make your own patchwork fabric to update the furniture, use a suitable fabric for this.It is best to choose a durable fabric that will wear out slowly.


If pot cracks, chips or dents, it is best to just throw it away.But if you feel sorry for doing it, use our advice.Of the old dishes or plates can be wall decorations.For this shall describe the dishes acrylics or decorate her decoupage with napkins.Also for wall decorations, you can use the cover of the pans, old baking dish, and the like.Cups or pots can be used as pots for flowers.Ceramic and porcelain saucers, cups and plates can serve as a good material for a ceramic mosaic.But for this dish I would first have to break, and then select the most equal pieces.

metal utensils can be sent to the country and to use it there as flower pots.Spoons and forks can turn into hooks or original material for decorative panels.But such ideas are only fit for creative individuals who do not depend on other people's opinions.

Other things

Generally, new life can find almost any thing, if it is, of course, does not collapse completely.Fans do something creative coming up with a lot of interesting ideas.For example, the old fiber suitcase can be turned into a vintage coffee table or in a comfortable and stylish Beds for pets.Of the old tennis rackets, you can make a new frame for the mirror.From a broken umbrella (the upper part), you can make a new bag, school bag spare shoes, kitchen apron, and the like.Of the old burnt out light bulbs can make beautiful painted Christmas balls, and from the records - a new flower pots.

Of the old drive can make frames and lampshades for photos or use them as a decorative wall covering.The inner part of the door of the refrigerator can be converted into a hinged shelf bath.Sinks can take to the country and make them the basis for the flower bed.

If you want to keep the old thing, there are several ways to do it.You can get it repaired, restore, alter or use as a material for making new things.