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What is baby yoga or yoga for the little ones

Should yoga smladenchestva

The sooner you and your child will begin to yoga, the sooner smozheteoschutit its positive effects.The results of a long wait will not make themselves: uzheposle few weeks of training, you and your baby will feel a surge of vitality, new power and energy.The child will be grateful for it, and you'll notice it takes sradostyu regular session.In this case, do not forget to pass kuprazhneniyam for the older age categories.

Children's yoga - a special adapted exercise program selementami anger management and relaxation.Acrobatics, complex asanas and iznuryayuschiedinamicheskie load - is the highest level of gymnastic yoga.Novorozhdennymrekomenduetsya preparatory version, which does not necessarily dolzhenstat go a long way to perfection of yoga.The purpose of the children's gymnastics alternativnogokompleksa is to strengthen the body and help in its vsestoronnemrazvitii, prevention of congenital diseases by povysheniyaestestvennogo immunity.

The basis of yoga put knowl

edge and methods of improvement and ochischeniyaorganizma rooted in ancient Indian traditions.Yoga preach obrazzhizni as close as possible to nature.

yogis philosophical system is complex and multi-layered.It is divided into mnozhestvoucheny.The most famous: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga.Vseeti teachings combined main principle: the body must be under postoyannymkontrolem sanity.

Yoga practiced since childhood (baby-yoga), laying the foundation in person that all his life he is a strong spiritual and physical support.Igrovayastimulyatsiya using various systems of yoga - it's a great way to help rebenkuadaptirovatsya to modern living conditions.The combination of touch, stroking, relaxation and some specific exercises stimulates immediately vsehorganov feelings.

Doing yoga and relaxation, you make sure that the child feels iotrazhaet your condition, so tend to avoid projection nastroeniyana bad kid.This is the principle of self-knowledge and self-control.Pravilnayaotsenka and a deep understanding of emotions internally free, you do not give your child zaputatsyav your feelings and vague ideas.The baby always keenly reacts to the true feelings indirectly communicated to them (looks, touches and words).

In yoga, any tension is balanced relaxation - the child srozhdeniya accustomed to the fact that the tension and relaxation complement each other.

very important at an early age to teach kid during bodrstvovaniyadostigat state of deep relaxation, that is to relax and feel rasslablenie.Chem before baby learns to do it, the sooner he will be able to independently kontrolirovatsvoyu response to nervous and physical tension, cope with pain,stressamii with physical discomfort.

permanent close contact with the child by touching through yoga, games and relaxation together suggests that you cultivate and grow together, and this process is very exciting.Already the first four months of the newborn must begin to live a full life, and outputting not only to prepare for the future.This is a very significant time, as this periodzakladyvayutsya the basis of neuro-psychic activity of man.

Yoga and massage

complex children's yoga is appropriate with specially razrabotannogomassazha.It all starts with the desire reflex mother immediately after rodovpolozhit child to his stomach and felt his body, as if convinced that "Vsev norm all over the place" and her baby is healthy.In many Eastern cultures massazhyavlyaetsya an integral part of the traditional child care.

up each yoga class with a full body massage.If you think you do both, and others too long and tedious for the baby, start yoga neposredstvennos.Then massaging the child will be included in the basic process zanyatiya.Pochti all yoga exercises include massage "dry", that is, one for kotorogone need to undress the child and used oil.During each session the hands, feet and abdomen will be a lot of baby massaged.

Positive effektyvozdeystviya yoga on the body of the baby


  • For a fulfilling occupation takuyuzhe child receives a dose of physical activity as a whole day;it promotes fizicheskomuozdorovleniyu and deep, sound sleep.
  • child's behavior becomes more balanced.
  • stimulated all organs and systems, including the nervous.


  • Yoga will help you and your child better uznatdrug other and enrich the communication between you.
  • Yoga helps heal birth traumas, improving the ability of the baby to cope with negative shocks.
  • Getting strong emotions and pleasure when pozitivnomstresse later help him to cope with problems in life.
  • Having experience of active communication with parents, poluchennyypri yoga, the child will be prepared for social interaction ilegko adapt in society.
  • Deep relaxation with baby pomogaetroditelyam to cope with the stresses associated with raising a child.

Much of the literature on child yogeposvyaschena communication on the energy level between mothers imladentsami, but for fathers close relationship with the child is no less important.Kakmassazh and Yoga - a great way for men to establish physical contact harmonious relationship with their child, directly participating in egorazvitii.

first steps to yoga

first step in yoga - it's just to watch the kid and prislushivatsyak him, aware that their feelings and reactions to what is happening.Two prostyhuprazhneniya linking the physical and meditative aspects of classical yoga, pomogutvam lay the foundation for the beginning of the lessons with the child.

Mountain Pose - tadasana

In classical yoga for adults tadasana - Mountain pose, and starts zakanchivaetstoyachie pose each session.Running helps her learn kontsentrirovatsyakak you and your child.From anywhere, at regular promezhutkivremeni can begin to implement it.Relax, take a deep breath and exhale focus on internal sensations.

Stand up against the wall, sliding feet together or slightly apart them, but prietom feeling that you firmly rest against them on the floor.If you do it will help snachalasognite knees and straighten the spine as much as possible.Relax your shoulders, neck, Rukia look straight ahead.Keep upright.

Concentrate on the sensations and thoughts completely pogruzitesv real time, providing the body located between the sky izemley.Mentally imagine hardness foothold and dalekiegorizonty ahead.


When the baby cries, despite the fact that he was hungry, and you did not reassure him, try the following.

First, focus on your breathing.If you are tense, it is likely to be superficial.Two or three times as deep as exhale, while uttering the sound "ha".

Now take a deep breath with abdominal muscles and chest kletki.Dlya then put his hand on his stomach and make sure that it lifted the breaths, avydohi lowered.And at the first breath of the abdominal muscles are lifted pressai only then - gryadnaya cell.With this method of breathing oxygen maksimalnonasyschaetsya body, which does not happen when the usual method of "top" and "average" breath (when the work involved only the chest).

After a few breaths, return to your child, reassure kotorogonuzhno.Now, you are likely to be much easier to understand what he needs.

grow up healthy!