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Why the child's full and how to deal with it?

If you or grandparents likely to be overweight, and the child tonavernyaka is manifest.How fat are formed, eschedo not fully understood.Experts have found out just what all the excess fat in uglevodovprevraschaetsya and settles on tkanyah.Izbytok - those carbohydrates that are not able to be spent organizmomna energy - to perform physical activity.This means that if rebenokupotreblyaet many sweets and starchy foods, with a sedentary lifestyle, toozhireniya virtually impossible izbezhat.Pochemu child leads a sedentary lifestyle is clear, and that is why ontake fed - not until the end.However, a lot of children who eat a lot.

spiritual dissonance

reason ozhireniyamozhet be spiritual dissonance child.Of course, for small children is neotnositsya, more to the younger students.In this age are often at deteynavalivayutsya psychological problems - eventually they otdalyayutsyaot parents and many remain in solitude.This is especially true kstesnitelnym, closed a child who can not make friends.Vedvse kn

ows that friends support in difficult times, and most importantly -To be completed emptiness that comes when parents move away.Chtoobychno we do in the doldrums?Eat.The same is done and the children, if they have no friends, is not got on with their studies, and parents are busy with their chores, here togdaim to the aid of conventional antidepressants - sweets.The fact that the number of home inventory ischezlobolshoe sweets, parents do not care mnogieschitayut is normal.After all, children love sweet.Child-child discord, one will eat a pound of candy and ran to play with friends, and the other prisyadetna a couple of hours watching cartoons ...

Next periodpoyavleniya excess weight - is puberty.If a child eats a lot, then, it is growing rapidly, carbohydrates are consumed, and no time to be assimilated.In addition, extra weight in this vozrastestanovyatsya due to the fact that the child in the shower, as well as physical maturation.

mental disorder that age happens for the same reasons as in the lower grades -neumenie find friends, find a common language with their peers, because zaodinochestva.When passed puberty and problems with lishnimvesom go, boys and girls are slim.Sometimes tomsluchae if a teenager at the initial stage of sexual development has already had lishniekilogrammy, then to deal with this much more difficult, becausebecause of the excess weight he feels bad move as the other children, so the weight is dialed.Psihologicheskiydiskomfort increases at school no one likes tolstyachkov, poetomunad mock and tease them, so even the most phlegmatic children can fall vdepressiyu.

How diet?

What to do?You can not get kids to stop bullying your child and leave a child taksvoego wolves among these is dangerous and very cruel.It should be treated.And as the most effective means pervoi comes to the rescue diet.People have long invented this method iusvoili him remember Christian posty.No remember that post - it's self-destructive behaviors, and a child should not and can not do, his body negotov to it.

can not simply ban the use flour and sweet, it will not break down and vsezakonchitsya secret visit to pastry shops.That is why umnyeroditeli must make the transition to a diet soft chtobyrebenok knew that he was not alone, and you are with him are ready to overcome this problem.Dlyanego very important to support parents and people close to him.Of course, it idealnyydlya option (virtually impossible), the whole family sat down together with him on a diet.Well I understand my mother would try not to tempt their child.Sweet imuchnogo home will not, and in between meals, she will do so, chtobyrebenok eaten fruit.She will try to remember all the dishes that he likes and prepare those who will not be delayed by fatty folds.

If a child upotreblyaetmnogo sweet and starchy foods and a sedentary lifestyle, then ozhireniyaprakticheski can not be avoided.

If you see that your child needs bolsheypodderzhke than you can give him the means to go to the doctor.But ondolzhen go there myself, let the doctor talk to him face to face, rebenokdolzhen feel like an adult and independent person, kotoryysposoben own decisions.

most common remedies for obesity - it's pills, which reduce appetite.In no case do not buy their own svoemurebenku these medications, be sure to first consult a doctor.

As already stated above, the reason for the big appetite can be spiritual dissonance.The child may bytproblemy with peers at school or with the older members of the family.Perhaps dlyaponizheniya weight diet is not enough, and need to increase physical activity.It may be that your child nuzhnoobratitsya to a psychologist.

diet prescribed by a doctor

sure to go kvrachu.You ignorance and negligence can cause health svoegorebenka.There are many instances where some teenagers-devchonokdogovarivalis sit on some diet (one of them somewhere heard).Cherezparu days everything goes the distance, stopping self-harm, and one prodolzhaetizdevatsya on himself and goes so far as to feel an aversion to food, lose weight, and in a deep swoon hungry admitted to the hospital.Her rescue, but that might not spasti.Skoree all, she selflessly went to his goal because psihologicheskoytravmy childhood.

podrostkovomvozraste The girls are very often worried about excess weight, are dazhepristupy panic.Remember that you need to be sdevochkami is particularly delicate.What concerns ihvneshnosti may cause inappropriate behavior.There are very chastyesituatsii when a girl loses weight to such an extent that the ribs protrude, but eykazhetsya that she's fat and need to lose weight even more.This is anorexia.Many fear svoihizmeneny in physique - breast augmentation, hips, and when they do not have anyone etorazdelit they panic.

diet if neuglublyatsya, it's just a change in diet, but actually This is a very dangerous weapon, and before you use it neobhodimoprokonsultirovatsya a doctor.Dietologdolzhen mandatory to examine the body and the condition of the patient, learn about egoobraze life.Moreover, the doctor should observe the child during the diet.

What if netvozmozhnosti consult a doctor and a teenager reshilpriderzhivatsya special system of power?Reassure the child that if everyone denupotreblyat meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and milk, weighing 700 grams, Tonichi bad will happen, will not increase the weight, and the body receives vseneobhodimye substance.If you do otherwise, you can reach silnogoistoscheniya.People who are overweight may completely abandon muchnogoi sweet.Children every day should estuglevody because they grow, which is why they can not be excluded from the body.Even samyezhirnye people need to lose weight just for half a kilo a week, not more.

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