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Emergency assistance for children in emergency situations

Our attitude to podobnoyinformatsii changes dramatically when we are born detki.Malenkie and defenseless, they need us and we need to ensure ihbezopasnost.It is not known kaksebya lead people in an emergency situation, it is not visited, and znatporyadok their actions would be good.Let us all hope and wish drugdruga they never get.

We consider kriticheskiesituatsii at which the reaction of parents or adults should bytnezamedlitelnoy, clear and calm as possible.

Breathing problems

Often small children choke on food.And before kaknachinayut take solid food.A child can drown and molochkomvo mother's feeding time.If a pipsqueak coughed hold its style and podnimiteruchki.So crumbs will be easier to catch his breath.Take the bulb or aspirator iotkachayte excess fluid from the nose or rta.Period introduce solid foods, perhaps the most troublesome in this regard.There is no detokesche Zubikov but fast enough start typing pieces to malyshnauchilsya chew vegetables or soft cheese.

not rush with apples and other tverdymifruktami.If the child is still a bit off too big a piece, but etompytaetsya cough, do not stir, wait a few seconds.Organizmsreagiroval the problem and gave a command to eject that interferes with breathing.Eslinichego not, tap on the back crumb, but not cotton, a friendly, achetko in the same place, but Neboli five times.Most often, this method helps, if not, stick their fingers in the mouth, and then the root of the tongue, triggering the gag reflex.Then be sure to ochischayterot baby using a handkerchief or gauze.Mozhnopoprobovat take out a piece of toy or small part, but we must zavoditsvoy cheek with a finger, and not just in the throat, not to push the subject further dalshe.Esli and it does not work, turn the baby's legs and press the bottom grudnoykletki.

It may happen that the thing that the baby choked, rolled, but restored dyhaniene.Begin CPR and ostanavlivaetesdo arrival of doctors, urgently call for an ambulance.

likely you udastsyapomoch baby first two sposobami.Esche better if they are not useful.Watch for the baby during meals neotvlekaytes on anything.Older children do not allow to run with snacks iiznachalno accustomed to eating only at the table.

If you have any cereal (airway narrowing), take your child to the bathroom, turn on the hot water, let it breathe vapor.The most important thing now is to provide the moist air.Vpolnevozmozhno that this will be enough.

If you get a nasal foreign body or ear canal is better not to take any mersamostoyatelno and wait vrachebnoypomoschi.

soothing crumbs, keep it to breathe and not make any sudden movements.

choke a child can notonly in the pond, but also in the bathroom.Rather, remove it from the water, pomogiteotkashlyatsya.If the skin has taken a blue tint, tilt the head back, davayteey not enter the lungs.The airway should be clear, pull the water from the nose Irta.Start CPR.See a doctor, even if the baby quickly came to his senses, and the threat to life has passed.

Actions for poisoning

main rule when otravlenii- otpaivanie.You have to drink the child, even if he does not want to drink, because chtostrashnee not the fact of poisoning and egoposledstviya in particular dehydration.If severe diarrhea, dizziness, chills, dial 103, and is "fast" to you going, induce vomiting by pressing nakoren language and poite, poite, poite.

sure to tell, chemimenno, in your opinion, could poison a child.And if the baby is drinking a libogoryuchee such as kerosene, gasoline, any alkali, then the rvotuvyzyvat impossible, as well as otpaivat.

bleeding when cut or injury

Here is just iprigodyatsya all knowledge of first aid.When arterialnomkrovotechenii (pulsating jet) harness or any assistant sredstvomperematyvayte limb above the wound.Write down on a piece of time vysdelali dressing.When venous bleeding impose tight povyazkuneposredstvenno to cut himself.

If you have vnutrennegokrovotecheniya, heavy bruising, only one action - rather in the hospital.

Actions fracture

fractures happen with smescheniemi without, open and closed, but the action is almost always the same.Nadoobezdvizhit fracture site.If a hand - tie if foot - along neeprimotat stick and go to travpunkt themselves or call an ambulance.Dlyaoblegcheniya is apply a cold compress.

allergic reaction

Frankly, though bylegky antihistamine should be in every handbag mom.Although bypotomu that allergies can occur not only on some fruit or vegetables, notakzhe and insect bites.

If bitten by a wasp ilipchela crumbs, gently pull out the stinger with tweezers and apply to the site of the bite skholodnoy bottle of water or ice from the freezer.

When a snake bite veziterebenka immediately to the hospital, because often "soon" no serum.Inogdaprihoditsya suck the poison.But pervymdelom give your child a pill against allergies.

It happens that young researchers are trying hands apotom drag them not only in the mouth, and eyes.Often such zakanchivaetsyaplachem, tears and lack of understanding why the red eyes and the baby screaming.Promoyteglazki plenty of clean water.If you see the baby to play, perhaps he opened a chest of household cleaning products, packaging and take nezamedlitelnootpravlyaytes medical help.

Eyes can prikrytmarlevoy bandage or clean cloth.

burns and frostbite

When severe burns mozhnopomoch child with cold water, panthenol foam or similar means.Nesdirayte clothes, immediately call an ambulance.Do not burst the bubbles and voobschestaraytes not touch the burn, but rather apply a sterile dressing.

With strong frostbite vkoem case, do not put on this area something hot.Give your child teploepite, you can wrap up.Needless to say, that in this case the presence of vrachaobyazatelno.

Whatever happens, remember that you must protect the adults and the little creature, which is very scary, which often does not even understand what happened, and the whole world vokrugmenyaetsya.And the worst thing for him - to see the rushing of parents who themselves vshoke and do not know what to do.In takuyusekundu he needs mom who soothe, support and give hope luchshee.Mama that will not leave, do not give up, and the next will be every second.

We sincerely zhelaemnikogda you do not fall into the above situation, but if that happens, totrezvaya head and clear mind will help to decide what to do in an emergency.