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Is there life after death?

Facts reincarnation

Yet it should be noted that there is a lot of evidence that there is life after death.And, first of all, we are talking, of course, about reincarnation.There are a lot of facts, even documented, which states that people, mostly children, telling people that they are a completely different person, described the details of the life and facts that simply could not have known.Often, that what they said was a life of dead people, the existence of which these children are not even aware.

fact, what the spirits tell a mechanical letter

But if reincarnation is still more or less confirmed by documents, then life itself beyond this world remains a big question.Does it exist?This write the authors, who are engaged in mechanical letter.Mechanical means by a letter that a person goes into a trance and is associated with it some of the other world, writes his thoughts with his hand, and then the medium is simply reads it.That is, he comes up with nothing and dreams, but only a transmit


each decide for himself whether to believe in that, but if you are still interested, then we will tell you a little about the world that exists, according to a similar mechanical recordings letter.For example, says one of the mediums, the spirit that goes with it to communicate a large amount of time talking about the world, he said that getting there, people do not feel immediately some heavenly bliss, as promised in the Bible.That is, he realizes that he died, and from this it becomes sad and scary.As in life, he must get used to and accept the idea that it really is not.There, beyond, indeed there are angels, but their present form - is the energetic substances which are more like a ball of light, rather than the person.However, in order to enable people to perceive them better angels take the likeness, which is more suitable for a particular person.

Incidentally, it is worth noting that all the world is a huge energy substance from which you can do there what you want.For example, you will be able to create your dream home or apartment to recreate a favorite, the favorite place for rest.All this is quite realistic to look for you, and for other spirits.

In a place where people go after death, there are many different layers of mental energy.These layers are assembled not only perfumes but also things.That is, in the world reflects everything that is filled with energy in this world.Or conversely, what was once displayed.For example, there is a layer of a future in which there are various things Kotnov people once invented.Also, there is a layer where the energy seals known characters.That is, those who are the authors of books have given power, forcing the reader to empathize with her and believe that they exist.According to this theory, you may well find there three companions, Raskolnikov, or The Master and Margarita.However, it should be noted that these energy imprints have its own soul.So they repeat the actions that once they laid the author, not developing and without self-consciousness.

According to these records spirits believed that starting a new life, we do pick up his parents, in consultation with the angels, that the charge of us.We are given the opportunity to choose the family that would help atone for any sins in something grow and learn something.A person can arrive in the world as long as possible until someone not wait or do not feel that it would be desirable to have back on the ground.

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