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Was It a sign of destiny?

Someone without thinking takes everything that makes emuzhizn and another to read the signs around and waiting for the most important event in svoeyzhizni, not noticing that she passes, and all the positive things that sluchaetsyas him - this is a great miracle.To believe or not to believe in omens iprednachertaniya fate - is a personal choice.Home - vovsёm moderation, even in such beliefs.There are matches that presleduyutlyudey since childhood, they do not always pay attention, usually about nihvspominaesh much later, when everything has already happened, but they are there and prohoditmimo meaningless, as, indeed, and dwell on it.

I believe - I do not believe

poveritvo to something, including in the course of life, destined to need to have a well-developed intuition.It is not at all.When etomneobhodimo not forget that what you can find a sign of destiny, nasamom case - an accident that took place.Some people believe that voVselennoy should be a balance of power and if it is broken, it nuzhno

srochno restore.To understand this man, the universe itself is sending signals emuspetsialnye.Someone sees them, believe in them and follow the instructions of changing his life and restoring the necessary balance of power in the world.If you identify the person who believes in destiny, in the destiny of all atakzhe in signs of fate, the most important thing for you should be the ability to see the sign iponyat it.Next is easier - you just follow all signs, thereby menyayasvoyu life.

If you like disbelief in and did not even try to see and recognize the signs of destiny, then you are most likely a materialist, who believes only in themselves and vozmozhnostisamostoyatelno change their destiny.It's a good idea, perhaps even better storaz decide everything himself, and without looking back, do their own life zherukami than wait for some obscure sign of nowhere.So people definitely easier to live, but that sometimes it wants to namulybnulas fate, and her smile more often, it hides the signs of destiny.I think that the best option - is to see all the signs, but they follow the same or netvse decide independently, without relying on the fate of all vedfanatichnost in such cases has never led to anything good.

coincidence or chance

Many people did not believe in signs, believe that an event - it is just a coincidence ilizhe coincidence.But if such events are repeated in your life needinozhdy, you should not take them as a coincidence, probably, the universe wants you to reach out and bring something.There are times in life that we believe those already occurred event which should byopasatsya, but in the end it turns out that it was only a warning boleeznachimoy danger.

For example, vmoey life was a case where our apartment was trying to get a thief, but I somehow startled him and he ran away, almost without taking anything.Vseysemey We thought we miraculously managed to avoid robbery, strengthened lock Isabey about the case.But it took some time, and our cottage was robbed.It UGTT day in the yard was not our dog, which we gave to the familiar vremyaohoty.It turns out that the first robbery attempt - it's been a topreduprezhdenie over what happened next.Such signs sudbytrudno distinguish and recognize.

Most likely, in the life of each of you have such a match, classify and note srazukotorye very difficult.Already for some time, looking back, myponimaem that an event was a milestone in our life, but then myproshli by without noticing, and without understanding what is trying to tell us Vselennaya.Ochen often such coincidences or significant events (who knows?) happen vsudbah two loving people whose fortunes are linked.For example, people met, fell in love with each other, but for some reason, their life paths diverged.Poproshestvii few years, they met again and now are not ready otpustitdrug other forever.Now they are sure that for each other ipervaya their meeting, as well as the second, were not accidental.

What place in our lives should take the signs of destiny?
It is important that everyone understand that these characters can exist as a vrealnosti and be invented, a man who believes in them simply can take ordinary events and coincidences zaznaki fate.If you do not get hung up on the fact that an event in nasheyzhizni says something or indicate the surest way, you legkootlichite real portent of the imaginary.Sometimes in life chastyesovpadeniya any numbers, dates of birth, names of returns to one itomu same place, man.In general, the mass of coincidences or accidents ... ktoznaet?Pay attention to this person usually already starts much later, when maps all the events together and brings a certain line.

Psihologiutverzhdayut that most people who sincerely believe in fate and its characters simply are afraid of independence in life.They do not want prinimatvazhnyh and responsible decisions, kotoryebudut have a significant impact on their lives, but because starayutsyaorientirovatsya to such signs.It speaks to their inner uncertainty vsebe, unwillingness to leave the image of "I am a child," even during adulthood.Hardly an adult person to run with eyes wide open and look vokrugznaki destiny and omens.No one is saying that you can not believe vprekrasnye matches, encounters and unplanned dating, just need to be guided by the principle: "Everything that happens no, everything - kluchshemu."

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