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So, you need to add up all the numbers recorded: 2 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 11.Done.What are the characteristics of 11th century classical numerology?

Firstly, it relates to the dominant numbers (as well as 22, 33 and the like), and hence endowed with special qualities.
Second, 11 has two sides gives great creative energy and to go beyond the ordinary, enlightened consciousness, but it can cause stress and conflict.Moreover, any prevailing number be reduced to unambiguous: 11 = 1 + 1 = 2.But deuce - quite soft and comfortable vibration.

good day to dedicate to communicate with the family and loved one, for two - a pair of energy.Sex is desirable if it is love.However, the company can also be a good idea to rest.Well, if you are capable of creative impulses, to mark the "end of the world," the report writing, poetry, music and other "art".Just do not be too exposed to other people's negative influence, be wary of stressful situations.

now examine the planetary vibration date.Subtract 11 from th

e number nine, because astrology works primarily with nine planets.Will again deuce.This planet is the Moon.It has such a gentle and sincere love that fit to make to the list of cases on 21.12.2012 something pleasant to your soul.For example, watching a romantic movie.You can together with a friend or a girlfriend in a movie theater.

More Luna is responsible for female passive energy.Dealing with women - it is useful!And also remember that this planet is associated with family values ​​and traditions.So visit relatives, sit over a cup of tea in a warm familiar circle.Why not a glass or two of vodka?First, it is harmful to health.Second, the Moon, very "water" planet (thanks to its vibrations occur tides on Earth), can cause an imbalance in the body and the psyche, which is highly sensitive to alcohol.So be careful with this.By the way, in the days of alcohol Neptune also contraindicated!Fraught with strong dizziness.

As for the planets, there to remind you of these in the numbering of classical astrology: 1 - Sun, 2 - Moon 3 - Mars 4 - Mercury, 5 - Jupiter 6 - Venus, 7 - Saturn 8 - Uranium and 9- Neptune.When adding all of the study date, will receive double-digit combination, subtract it from the top corner until you get the number of the planet.Quality of celestial bodies around you know, just reading this work.But to get a sensible astrological guide - never hurts!More nuances will take into account when planning the day.

now examine the star sign of the date of the "end of the world."To solve such tasks should again exert memory: the number 11 corresponds to Aquarius in the Zodiac.I'm right?Rights.There is nothing to take away is not necessary.Aquarius manifests itself in the field of creativity, inventions, scientific discoveries.This and carried away, if there is such a predispose!Also, Aquarius - the more original Zodiac.It should be dressed brightly, pomodnee even shocking (but know the measure: looks ridiculous in the old fat man trendy skinny jeans and black leather jackets with Baubles).Day favors communication in the company, especially fun.As you can see, the analysis of the date 21.12.2012 has given us a lot of information for an efficient and competent in terms of energy (and vibration) planning.

But the question hanging in the air: "End of the World" will take place this year?Or not?You know, the apocalypse foretold in ancient times already dozens of times.And nothing - live.Confidence that we will live on, too.Mayans we could just warn that ends one era - and begin a new one.What?We'll see.