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As the numbers affect the availability of money?

number 0 and 1

and 0 and 1 are empty numbers, so it makes no sense to talk about them, it's like talking about.

Number 2

In terms of the financial side of deuce - a symbol of economy and poverty.Also togochislo 2 is a sense of duty, to sacrifice, to share, to give.

When you start talking about money, it should be izbegatetogo number.Borrow 200, 20, or 2000 is a means to lend without return, because there is no guarantee that vamvernut debt.Besides the money, took kotoryevy will not bring any benefit to the borrower, he will spend the money, but nothing nekupit.Even if you and return vashusummu, remember that it is not money, but a Trojan horse.After the success, kotoryybudet last long, your expectations are not met.When stipulated povysheniezarplaty, then you need to be afraid of the above figures.Suppose that the sum is at least na50 cents more or less.

Now let's talk about prices and purchases.Remember that thing vtsene, which has the number 2, you will be disappointed or even unne

cessary.It is unnecessary to invest in two banks, two pockets and two purses.The fact that deuce associated sobmanom, theft and fraud.It's no wonder cheaters and thieves kitayskogoada diyu punished in Division No. 2.

Number 3

This number is quite dynamic and open.It oboznachaetrasshirenie from small to large, the emergence of a new quality of potentsiyu.Krome trio is a symbol of a new situation chastoyinitsiativy, action, action.

number 3 is better suited to the flow of capital, not dlyanakopleniya, so it is very difficult to keep in the bank 300 or $ 30.Someone will spend more certain.But these sums are very convenient to borrow even more than once, and tri.Ved English proverb says that one person can occupy dengido three times.If you decide to play vlotereyu then buy just three bileta.Takim way, your chances of winning will increase many times over.

number 3 - is chislonovyh beginnings, therefore this number can start a new business, for example, to open a shop.But then again, not stoitzhdat a month, time to live.Troika also says riskovannyhkommercheskih enterprises and also hints at the flippant attitude kdengam or lack of consideration received for their efforts.

Number 4

Quartet - a stable financial position, salary, pension, earnings, collected money for a rainy day.It earned svoimtrudom money guarantee for the future, reliability and the expected benefit.If vypolozhite in the treasury of 40, 400 or 4,000 coins, they are not going anywhere, you ipotratite them only when ready and only the fact that he was going.

number 4 - is ryadovyepokupki, fees for purchased in installments, the family budget, ezhemesyachnyekommunalnye repayments and interest from bank deposits.In addition, it is a symbol of budget planning.

Four friends always find a common language, and four kompanonamogut successful business and trust each other.But all you need zarabatyvatsvoimi forces.Four - a standard that is always waiting for the standard, conventional solutions.The initiative to this number is not friendly.Salaries 4000 or 400platyat regularly but need to improve to wait very long.Malenkiepostupleniya four places - otlichnayazhizn for those who like to be always in the money, without the risk.In addition, the four could mean that chtokarernogo and material growth will not be.

Number 5

If the triple refers to financial initiatives, four -stability and accumulation of funds, pyaterkagovorit that money is time tratit.Eto means that the number five is a symbol of purchases and expenses, and capital takzheuvelicheniyafuture.Moreover, this figure shows that nuzhnopristupit planning.

Store in a stash of 500, 50, 5000 it is not necessary, in this netsmysla because you spend them quickly.Five - a number that kotoroeraspolozheno spending so luchshetakie amount taken in a restaurant, on a journey, a business trip, a vacation.Such money is especially nice to spend napodarki expensive people on something expensive serdtsu.Pyaterka will win, so if you make some kind of contribution, the mozhnopoluchit much more.Remember that the number 5 - is a monetary figure.But do not nuzhnodumat that your two cents, lying in the bank, will be 5 rubles.You make more money out of their big money.

Number 6

Six - is chisloprivychnoe and the everyday.Such summyvydelyayut to feed on payment in installments, to shoe repair, etc.

Six - a service, work for the state.If you or a family vkollektive six people, you sit from start to finish, earning the money that you need to get and about any profit rechibyt can not.These are some ogranicheniyav financial area and pedantry in the line of duty.

man with this figure is not master of the situation, but can vsegodobitsya their own.

Number 7

Seven - a dangerous number for finance.Money lyubyatstabilnost, not surprises.Number 7 sozdaettakie situations that a person can not be explained and avoided.

seven - the number of losses.The company, which employs semchelovek never multiply capital.They will always steal, rob, cheat and bring harm to others.$ 700, 70, 7000 can not be stored, put in the bank for a deposit, to give and take on debt, bequeath.Such amounts can prinestineschaste.Be aware that "777" - etochislo, which increases the money only casino owners, but not egoposetitelyam.

Seven not compatible with the money she prinositbednost and poverty.

Number 8

Eight - the number of perpetual motion money.Number 8 - a cash flow izabsolyutno different sources.

number 8 - it imports and exports, profits and losses, debts ichuzhie money, inheritance and testament, sale and purchase, income and expenses - etovechnaya for a rise and fall.This currency transactions, investments, and kursaktsy currencies, interest rates.

Eight can either bestow money or zabratposlednie.If you want to buy shares, then immediately take the number 8 8 - a symbol of permanent financial change, luxury and moderation.If vashimifinansami headed figure 8, then there is only 2 exits.Either be in this delemasterom or not to be afraid to lose anything.Our life is a game in which there ipobedy and defeat.

Number 9

Nine virtually nothing to do with money iblagosostoyaniyu not.Rather govorito that no money or that there is no interest to the financial problems.Nine - a number that gives chelovekumudrost and understanding of what is actually happiness is not about money.It is a kind of achievement, the result or situation where money is not important.

No need provoditoperatsii with $ 90, 900, 9000. No 9 or partners who see etitsifry not want to work, and there is no initiative and the desire to make money.

But such amounts can easily give, and to invest in kulturnyeproekty spend on buying works of art.Moreover nines can give nablagotvoritelnost.


Ten - this is nothing.Therefore, there is nothing to discuss.The number ten - this same unit, and as we have seen 1 to 0. The same can be said osummah 100 and 1000.

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