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Location cuisine feng shui

Location cuisine Feng Shui.

As a rule, the location of the kitchen in the house or apartment is weakly dependent on the hosts.But if you're going to make alterations, or build your own home, then you should listen to the advice of some of the teachings of feng shui.Kitchen should not be located in front of the house.Worst of all, if it is directly opposite the entrance to the house.This situation will adversely affect food on your health, since bumping view of the kitchen, you will always feel hungry.Guests in this location dishes immediately after a meal will feel a great desire to leave the house.It is best to place the kitchen in the rear of the house, behind the main axis of the entire structure.If this is not possible, then follow the simple tips.Near the entrance to the kitchen hang any clear picture or put a small table with a variety of decorative figurines.It will distract attention from the kitchen.On the kitchen door is best to hang bright decorative curtains.For example, entering the hous

e, you will not stumble into the kitchen look.

color scheme for the kitchen on Feng Shui.

The decor of the kitchen is best to use cold and bright colors such as white, green or blue.It is the color of water.Note that kitchen combines elements of Water and Fire.But, nevertheless, the use of bright colors, such as red, yellow and orange, it is not desirable.These colors are exciting on the human psyche.That is the wrong colors can cause frequent quarrels in the family.The elements of Water and Fire combine white and so it is the best color for kitchen design.Note also that it is advantageous to use stainless steel in the kitchen.Its color is a beneficial effect on all visitors to the kitchen.Fortunately, thanks to the popularity of a material such as stainless steel, range of products from its rich enough.It is not recommended to use a fluorescent light, as it negatively affects the visual organs and nervous system.But due to the fact that the light from these lamps is bright, fluorescent lighting is becoming more popular.However, the fluorescent lamp used as a primary and a single source of light is recommended.It is best to use a lighting fluorescent lighting.

Inside kitchen.

most important thing in the kitchen is just her mistress.Therefore, in the process of cooking it must feel superior.It is recommended to position the plate so that the cooking process you stood to face her.If the dimensions of the interior of the kitchen and do not allow, you can hang a mirror over the stove or any other surface that will reflect the doorway.Note that the doorway should be wide enough, then the one who cooks, will not feel isolated from everyone around you.From this point of view it is the ideal studio apartment in which the combined kitchen, dining and living room.There will be the mistress of the kitchen to feel at the center of events, having the opportunity to participate in a variety of conversations that occur in the home.In these apartments you will be able to discuss the latest news with the guests or supervise homework for children, not looking up from his cooking.In addition, other members of the family want to help in the kitchen will occur more often.

According to experts of feng shui, kitchen interior must obey the rule of the triangle, then a stove, refrigerator and sink should be at the corners of the triangle.It should be noted that the plate refers to the subject of the Fire, but the refrigerator and sink - is a subject of Water.The elements of these two elements must always divide the element of wood.For this fit wooden furniture or plants.In some cases it will be sufficient image with plants.In addition, the kitchen is necessary to constantly maintain cleanliness and order.This concerns not only the sanitary norms, but also the relations between family members.The kitchen is not allowed even the smallest disputes and quarrels.This is no place for abuse.Also in the kitchen is not worth a lot of fuss, it is better to behave calmly and confidently.Also, do not store things are broken, they should be immediately thrown out.

According to the teachings of feng shui plate symbolizes wealth and prosperity at home.It is therefore not necessary to put a plate next to a window.Otherwise, all your well-being just fly out the window.It is also preferable to use furnace gas as electric furnace that produce electromagnetic fields which, in turn, negatively affect the human health, both physical and moral on.That is why their use is not very desirable.Yet the choice of a good civilization will depend on the family, and he will abide by the principles of feng shui or not, it is their own business.