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If you feel bad, then you know what happens and well

Do you like when people say, "Yes you can do it!Experience it!Here's you'll see, she'll giggle, remembering this situation? "When we is not very nice when a bad mood, depression is already knocking at the door - it is important to deal with themselves and with the good wishes of other people.They genuinely want to help, but that is not good at.So sulk and show it to others - is unprofitable.Do to become great must itself - but how ??

What is happening?

mood - a piece changeable.Sometimes we catch ourselves thinking that if you feel bad - then you realize that there are good days.Just today, "not that day."However, the real problem is much more serious.

mood - a direct consequence of:

  • attitude
  • current situation
  • human values ​​
  • his entourage
  • situation at home, in the team, in the country.

's hard to be happy if the neighbor gets five times more than you.And sometimes it would be desirable from a good mood almost jump - just because a colleague has given birth to a daughter!It

seems to be "household" level problem.But doctors confirm that we are already thinking of what to do if you feel bad, either you know what happens at a different time and well, or "go in cycles," one of the spheres of life.

As psychologists say, in 20 years is likely to grow up a generation that will be able to live a full and happy life.After all, our "good" depends not only on external factors, but also on the internal state.What could prevent it?


We have to care about the survival of that often makes us a very real workaholics.


habit to do a couple of simple exercises in the morning, do not go if not in the pool, but at least for a walk or a jog in the nearby stadium after a while certainly degenerate into laziness that will not fail to affectin the mood.


stereotypical behavior, reluctance to try other models of communication, lack of interest in others, sooner or later will lead to a lack of interest in ourselves.And then we need to get out for a long time.

Happiness, of course, is a global, as well as grief.But it is rather a great rarity: a much more we are aware of the current state of immediacy.Roughly speaking, if you feel bad now, you know what happens in life in general and good.Why not fill this space?Globally - there is a relationship, career, goals, and the meaning of life.In more local terms - hobbies, classes.In a still finer sense - even a small two-centimetric statue could become a pretext for boundless happiness for a couple of minutes.

clinical picture: a man who is well

recommendations of psychologists, "that was good", quite simple.Their implementation, and even more care of that were easy to perform, can be an enjoyable part of life.

1. Good - around us. As we move into the position of "here and now", we stop drowning in the ocean of affairs that will inevitably surround any adult.And if you start from this, the optional thinking and "cheat" themselves about the affairs, concerns, accumulating discontent.

2. success - in mind. think the success is quite nice.If and to remember something - it is better to savor the moments of success, not a moment of shame and defeat.Better yet, think about the future, making plans, even if they are not fully implemented.

3. «What is it?» Awareness - the enemy of boredom.A normal person can not realize most of their everyday thoughts.But if you feel bad - that you can remember and understand what happens and it is good to find the causes of dissatisfaction or boredom.Control yourself - gently, but regularly.

4. Filtering. way or another, but every day we "filter out" information.We perceive it through their colored glasses.It is dangerous not only to "see the world through rose-colored glasses", but also put a "black glasses".Try different ways to set the mood, to include positive or negative filters.You will understand that this is just - and therefore is subject to the mood you.

5. Do not push! to put pressure on virtually useless.If you come to a bad feeling, it is impossible "not to think of the white monkey," as in the old Eastern parable.Try a switch, help yourself - allow yourself a few minutes to feel what you want.What "red parrot" you want to settle for a couple of hours in your mind?And if nothing comes to mind, you have a unique chance to use purely feminine oblivion - handicrafts in all its form, cooking, laundry, housekeeping.

6. Do not leave unfinished situation. very difficult to get rid of the oppressive memories: death row, departure.But as a rule, all perezhivayemost if all the words are said, and the situation is "smart enough" to its logical conclusion.But if something is left unsaid, undone - even the most wonderful vacation can ruin thoughts "What if I do not shut off the iron?" (And this is the softest, home version).

In an extreme case, no one bothers to answer for the missing person is currently on his thoughts.Unsaid to anyone who is not close to you, all that I would like.Listen, forgive and understand.

7. blurts feelings! If you are angry, unhappy, perplexed, in anguish - try to pronounce their "bad" unsuitable to you conceived of thoughts and feelings out loud.If it helps, but weak - they exaggerate.Poohat with him: "Oh-she-she, as a I to pieces!How can I myself, poor, sorry! "- And you will be able to manage their feelings.

8. Put the showdown. Do not quarrel and sort things out, or if you are covered by similar strong negative feelings.Wait.

9. Do not credit! lot of things and not worth a damn.Therefore, before attributing the words, thoughts, or someone's evil thoughts in your account (and then they "digest" in your head) - please specify.Maybe it's just a fantasy and you spoil your mood?