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The great yogi of ancient India

Well, it is quite consistent with my understanding of the face of the great masters of science - long hair, dark skin, a red tunic and a lot of silver jewelry.When a guru person present reverently lit.We were introduced, we sat back and I started to attack Pilot Baba issues.
Babaji, recently a variety of yoga and eastern practices have become very popular.

What do you think, what is the reason? Yoga - a great method to open the heart, the secrets of our inner world, the science of self-realization and enlightenment.It can change everything in the world for the better.But today, Yoga has become primarily a subject of physical rehabilitation, practiced in fitness centers and beauty salons.Indeed, many people today are fixated on the body, its beauty and perfection.For them, yoga - a way to become more beautiful physically.
Can yoga benefit if you use only the physical aspect of it?
This is useful for appearance, but damaging to the inner world, because too much effort is spent on external, and not a drop
on the inside, on the development of the soul.Attractive body, but poor mind - it is meaningless.If you use yoga for the soul and inner growth, then everything will be fine.Not having bad thoughts, you do not destroy yourself, live in peace with your loved ones.

you frustrating consumer attitude to the ancient science?
modern science did not pay attention to true self, the soul.Therefore, yoga has become a big business, bringing money.Practice without observing the basic spiritual principles (yama and piyama) will not succeed, but anxiety and trouble.But soon everything will change.Ten years lzheyoga will flourish in the world, and then burst like a soap bubble.That's when the real and will be seen as it should - as the science of education only for its true adherents.
very difficult to combine the rhythm of life in the big city with practitioners.What to do to anyone who seeks to know the true yoga?
is possible.All the great yogis of the past do just that - they had families, children, everyday worries, but remained sages and practiced yoga.Today we trapped a variety of constraints and conventions, vanities, spend a lot of energy on empty things.But all is not difficult - is truth, but it is constant in this world, but it is very simple and very beautiful.To achieve it, it is not necessary to be afraid, and to renounce unnecessary attachments, easier to live, free, informed.

And what is mindfulness?
This excellent condition, highest technique that allows us to understand who you are, where in fact.Living in awareness - to live without attachments.It is not a law, it is natural, real freedom.It's like a river that flows through the land, and the land is not worried that they flow through it.Or if you really love, you love not the body, mind, not words.You do not think about how your favorite says looks like.You just enjoy.Although now all the love ends on the relationship of body and mind.True awareness comes only to someone who refers to this yoga deals with spiritual practices.Then comes the great understanding that we call enlightenment.
How to come to such a state?Through meditation?
I believe that in yoga there are three main things that need to be achieved, - concentration, meditation and samadhi.Concentration - this action, change, and meditation - is relaxation, total idleness.Concentrations as high as you can intentionally meditation - no, it happens by itself.But you should always start with the first - on anything, any process.Just become what you want to do, is completely given case, be in a state of "here and now".Also, it is important to first practice asanas, pranayama, pratyahara.

And what this means?
According to Ayurveda, the three energies - kapha, vata, pitta - created everything: people, animals, land, water, plants, the human body.Freedom, peace, health, positive thinking are possible when the energy balanced.Yoga helps them to balance.Through pratyahara - a distraction from external influence of the world and their internal experiences - we purify the senses.
Asanas (yoga postures) are practiced for the health of the body.Pranayama (breathing) - for vital energy.But the world around us, and our minds are very volatile, constantly fluctuating.If you want a perfect body and perfect mind, discipline yourself.For example, practice discipline, love and sex.This is a whole system in which, depending on the time of year, the position of planets, the phases of the magnifying glass can indulge in or refrain from intimacy.So you can conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy and talented children.Furthermore, everyone should be healthy selfish.This does not mean that we are obliged to think only of themselves.You do not have to throw away, to spend the effort in vain.It is important to pay attention to only one case.When you reach your success in the business - you open up everything, then you can succeed in anything.

Can I change my fate?
We can all change.In fact, in Hinduism, karma - not that other, as work, your activities at the moment.There are accumulated karma - what we did, and the current - what we do at this time.Last - it is very powerful, through it you can change your destiny.Since it's the yoga works.A
past accumulated karma can affect us?
accumulated - it is the foundation without which the house can not stand.But you can destroy this foundation and create a new karma, or through the current job.
We often say: "Man is paying for the sins of their parents."If ancestors were doing something wrong, can it affect the children?

In Hinduism, karma - not that other, as the work.
Everything that happens has a cause, there are no coincidences.Everything in this world has its own plan, its development associated with our actions.Even the fact that we are now just sit and talk, is set to remain in delicate matters.Therefore, the responsibility for everything that happens in our world is to us.Inside each is hidden a very powerful fire, which only need to be opened and used for positive change.

Our physical illness also talk about our mistakes and misconduct?There
energy acceptance and return.They always work - you are taking, and give you the same.Each of us is allotted a certain amount of ability.Modern life forces ingot quickly use them to expend a lot of energy.As a result, people die much sooner than it should.An unhealthy society, work, behavior, thinking destroys health.Even without doing anything wrong, just listening and watching film, we become a target of destructive forces.
How do we protect ourselves from the aggression of the modern world?
That is what yoga is - to live better with a healthy body and a healthy way of thinking, is not afraid of anything.Live the way you want, choose its own path.One section of Yoga teaches us to live as long as we want.If yoga do not want to die, they do not die.

and based on this, your system rejuvenation?
many centuries there is a culture of the Himalayan yogis - ancient knowledge and practice to rejuvenate the body, longevity, the full implementation of its features.They passed down from teacher to student.Some medications that the system is ready 20-25 years - going to the plant, preparing drugs, put in a special place with certain conditions, to later drug worked.In addition to potions, it is also a system of asanas, breathing practices, knowledge of Ayurveda.
Babaji, all come to you for advice, and who to contact you when they need help?
I just close my eyes and any answer he comes to me.The human mind is very powerful, the main thing - not to shoot down his confused bustle and understand that inside of us - perfect.