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Intimate hygiene girls in early childhood

Care genitals after using the toilet

Zadachamateri is to the educational process and monitoring the hygiene uhodombyl constant.These skills are simple and easy to implement.When it is necessary to drain the mocheispuskaniyapolovuyu slot with a damp cloth, to leave no residual urine, which can cause irritation of the vestibule.Posledefekatsii wash or wipe with toilet paper sleduettolko anal area from front to back, and not vice versa, otherwise particles of feces will zanositsyav vestibule.Vulva girls need to wash twice a day - morning ivecherom.This procedure is more convenient to be carried out under a stream of water flowing to etogoudobnee use the flexible shower.Eat soap carefully and only when needed.

Using soap

Klinicheskiyopyt shows that daily use of even high detskogomyla neutral term development of girls can provoke razvitieallergicheskogo vulvar dermatosis.Eat enough soap 1 per week to join the toilet body.Soap is only applied to the skin of the vulva, except polovuyuschel.Do not

neglect these recommendations.Shorts or pants nadomenyat daily.


Neobhodimoudelyat due attention underwear girls.Shorts and pants must bytiz cotton or cellulose staple fibers.It is necessary to avoid nosheniyashtanishek with fleece on the inside surface.When walking volokonnachesa particles can be fragmented, there is no fixed and between the labia, and sometimes even to penetrate the vagina.

nizhnegodetskogo When choosing lingerie and consider a feature little girls: playing, they usually sit on the floor or on the ground srazvedennymi hips, so particles of dirt from the floor, the carpet or the ground (grass particles, lumps of earth, sand and even insects) maypenetrate not only in the sex gap, but also in the vagina.In this regard, it is necessary that the girl was wearing underwear sootvetstvuyuscheenizhnee.Tights and pants must be as free to turn to Eve seated and cross-legged, they went up to the beginning of the thigh and horoshoprilegali body.A girl should not feel any discomfort prihodbe, squatting, sitting, and in the game.Linen should be washed in baby powders spetsialnyhdetskih, you can not use bleach.After washing beleneobhodimo rinse several times.

How to sit on the toilet?

girl at the age of two to three years, who wants to go to the toilet on their own, mozhnopredostavlyat this opportunity only gradually.Thus it is necessary to make sure that the child is sitting on the toilet in the right position.Pots adapted kproportsiyam child's body, and the toilet, if it is not equipped with a plate, do not meet, leaving the children sit on the toilet in a position to strongly sognutymikolenyami, with buttocks hang down the toilet.It turns out that the girl otverstiemocheispuskatelnogo channel is not in front of the vaginal opening, avyshe him.As a result, the urine in a greater or lesser extent uvlazhnyaetpreddvere vagina and can flow to the vagina, vaginal-making lozhnyyuretralno reflux.The latter, in turn, provotsiruetvozniknovenie inflammatory process called vulvovaginitis.In addition, the wrong position on the toilet leads to false desires namocheispuskanie (false dysuria) and causes incorrect wiping of the anus (anus) after bowel movements.Poetomudevochka forced to wipe the toilet paper between her thighs in Escrow anal area back to the front, t. E. From the anus to the vulva.If the mother did not notice that INE will eliminate time, the fixed cycle skill.

What's a girl to sleep?

Girl improper sleep at night in shorts.This prevents the natural ventilyatsii.Zhelatelno her to sleep in pajamas or a nightgown to her ankles.

As mother to determine the error vgigienicheskom behavior of his daughter?

Polnyykontrol for the function of the bladder in girls early age stanovitsyavozmozhnym the 3rd year of life, when mature nervnoysistemy appropriate structures.At the 5-year period, a neutral girl copes sgigienicheskimi own responsibilities.Accuracy in hygienic behavior mozhetopredelit mother when viewed from the laundry and should be given appropriate instructions to the girl.

only privnimatelnom and thoughtful sex education at the girls there are those skills that over time it will become habits and urgently needed.

grow up healthy!