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What if the child fell and hit his head?

If the kid fell and hit his head, which mogutbyt injury?

When babies fall, to avoid hitting his head is not possible.It is important to not even any place he hit (etomozhet be neck and forehead), in this moment the most important thing - how povredilsyagolovnoy brain.

Remember that we mozhemupast, hit his head, but after a few minutes, nothing will not hurt, and we never remember that hurt yourself.However, kids sovershennopo arranged differently.Within one year of the skull bones are just beginning to coalesce, poetomumogut easily dislodged, and the brain tissue is still immature and fragile.Therefore, in any case, these factors give us yasnoponyat that the brain can be very damaging.

suschestvuyuschiecherepno All injuries are divided into:

  • closed - it kogdatselostnost soft tissues and bones of the skull is not broken;
  • open - it kogdarebenok damaged soft tissue and bone.

to closed travmamotnosyatsya:

  • compression golovnogomozga;
  • golovnogomozga concussion;
  • brain contusion.

If a child sluchilossotryasenie, while the structure of the brain remains intact eslisluchilsya injury, then there may be pockets that will destroy mozgovoeveschestvo, while in the background compression of injury or skull fragments appear razryvysosudov.

If you do not keep up, the kid fell and hit his head, then it can happen, and soft tissue injury.Etosamaya easy and fairly innocuous injury because the brain when etomostaetsya intact.At the site of impact abrasion ishishka just appears.

symptoms that indicate the injury of brain

concussion usually manifests brief loss of consciousness.If your child is less than a year, it is difficult to togdazametit.You can only assume this state, if a child fell and cried only after 2-3 minutes.Also, when this kid can vyrvat.Prichem injury if it is less than three months, the vomiting may occur more than once.Sluchaetsyai department sweat, refusal to eat, blanching of the skin, and drowsiness.After an injury vpervuju night kids up to one year and very bad sleep uneasily.

How do you know how hard injury if krohaupal and hit his head?

If the baby fell sdivana, changing table, bed or other surfaces vnimatelnosledite his condition and behavior.If the child is just minutdesyat fifteen wept and no more changes, you never saw, togdamozhno not worry and do not call the doctor.

If you are at least nasekundu doubted that all the cost and trauma pretty safe togdavyzyvayte doctor, because the only way you can make sure chtozdorovyu crumbs in no danger, than to treat very severe consequences.

If your child do1,5 years, then we can do it cranial ultrasonography.This procedure is quite neprichinyaet pain, does not require large cash expenditures and carried out at pomoschiapparata ultrasound.Thus, mozhnoopredelit increased intracranial pressure, and whether the baby bleeding, which represent a danger to life.If your child has outgrown etotvozrast, then do not do such a survey, because the anterior fontanelle uzhezaros.

How to give first aid to a child who upals bed?

If you see that there mesteudara bump, then you can make something cool, well podoydetsalfetka ice.

Magnesia obladaetrassasyvayuschim action, so if you want to get rid of bumps, make lotions with sodium twice daily, morning and evening.

If there is a wound and techetkrov, then attach the fabric well suited swab.Do not be afraid chtokrovi very much, because the scalp is perfectly equipped with blood, so even samyeneznachitelnye wound can bleed profusely.If you see that proshlopyatnadtsat minutes, and the blood is still going, then call an ambulance.

If your malyshubolshe one year, he fell and hit his neck and forehead, then do not let emuusnut for an hour, just so, asking questions of various harakterai paying attention to the response you can understand the brain is damaged or not.We can and must awaken the child at night, chtobyproverit coordination.

intently and vnimatelnonablyudayte for their child, to care for him during the week, if you do not doktorrazreshil go to the hospital and stay doma.Ne provides children with visual load, it must be in the state of complete rest, especially if it is more than 1,52 years.

Do I need to call an ambulance if mladenetsupal and hit his head?

If you see chtorebenok lost consciousness, and was bleeding heavily, it immediately follows zvonitv ambulance.While it will go, gently place the crumbs on one side, osobennopri vomiting (if you put it so he does not choke).

If a child has fallen back wrap or head from a great height, then it may be povrezhdeniepozvonochnika.To prevent damage to the spinal cord, the child should be moved to osobennoyostorozhnostyu.

There are a number of very disturbing symptoms at kotoryhsleduet immediately call an ambulance:

  • sudden pallor;
  • paralysis or paresis of the muscles;
  • baby is not breathing;
  • ilisudorogi twitching muscles of the body;
  • deterioration of health;
  • pupils or pupils of different porazmeru not narrowed in the bright light;
  • kruzhitsyagolova a child (older children), he "fell asleep on the move";
  • rvotnyhmassah blood, feces and urine.

If you notice any of these symptoms toiz, before the doctor prescribe treatment, the baby should be tschatelnoobsledovat.

Preventing head injuries in children pripadeniyah

most common bed ilipelenalnogo table fall babies up to one year.Therefore, make sure the child is not ostavlyayteego one in the room, let alone on such surfaces, where it can legkoupast, remember that your child does not cost anything to roll.If you srochnonuzhno gone away into another room, better leave crumbs on the floor (not the goal, of course).

changing table - etovoobsche very dangerous thing, because it is equipped with a small area.Not that you were present in the room, you also need all the time to hold the child's hand.Swaddle the baby on the couch, on the bed or together with someone.

Put pillows sdivana simply something soft on the floor, this is the case, if the child is all takivzdumaetsya fall.

Besides tables and beds, kids love to "fly" to the Chair.On this basis, vybiraytebolee low model, and strollers with high boards constantly pristegivaytemalysha because belts made them for beauty.

tolkonachinaet When a baby first steps, it often falls.The reason for this may statskolzky flooring, parquet.Wear krohenosochki with rubber inserts, so it will not slip.Make Otomi to carpets and rugs lying on the floor motionless, otherwise etotozhe can "help" the child to fall.

Particular attention sleduetudelit psychological side of the issue.Do not panic afraid of chtorebenok may fall and hit your head, remember that, as a rule, is in etosluchaetsya moments of intense fear.Moreover, keep in mind the existing emotsionalnoyi psychological connection of mother with a child - you can pass the crumbs svoystrah and negative thoughts.

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