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The wind of change

As in any other business, there is important the original idea, the concept.Speaking about the new image, you can imagine not only new clothes, hairstyle and makeup.We must take it as the creation of a new character, to consider possible actions, reactions, mannerisms, character, attitude to life.This painstaking work, which does not tolerate fuss.You can dream up until not disappear all the angles, the new image is no longer harvesting and rubbing.When you feel in total harmony with the invented personality, the work can be considered completed.
It is important that this new man was not just another mask.It should be a living, natural person, flexible, capable of development, and not a shield from the complexes and fears.


get used to the new model itself is not so easy, no matter how beautiful she was.In the end - all, the essence of the old is in no hurry to take positions.It is therefore important to be able to see the world in a new way, to look at ourselves with new ey
Look at myself in normal circumstances.How you comply to the image that already live in the imagination?If something seems to be unfinished, if there is no harmony, will have to try.Start remodel the space under the new self.Boring office walls can be decorated with bright collage painting or severe, depending on what preferences to your new identity.
important and at home to create the interior that would suit you 2.0, leaving nothing on the old man.That is what we are looking every day, the space in which spend most of the day, of course, affects us.It is therefore important to breathe new life into the interior, to print new habits and tastes.
Moreover, much of what surrounds you, it helps others will notice the change in you and learn of the new concern.

not a game, but a reality.

first such idea will seem just a stupid game.But for a new person came to life and began to present, it is not necessary to play, you just need to be.Your old habits and tastes somehow reflects on life, now it is time to release new emotions at will.Manifests itself in everything new, do not hesitate: at work, at home and on vacation alone.
not trying to change completely if all that you can - change the appearance and make repairs in the apartment.Trying to be someone else, they need to be and not appear in all other cases, you will feel at ease.
Bole is not necessary for someone to copy, much better to create a collective image, taking the best out of people and characters who you think deserve this honor.

People often think that a person has developed too inconvenienced them.Affect past grievances, failures, wrong deeds, thinking and attitudes that only hinder be happy.But the closer we ourselves have no one, we have to be the most loyal assistants themselves.Therefore it is especially strange that many people live, feeling almost physical discomfort, but without trying to change.This life of inertia does not carry any good.Do not be afraid of change and think that the change themselves with their own hands an unnatural process.But it is much more pleasant than, for example, the inevitable changes under the influence of strong emotions that are not always pleasant.
In addition, the change of the person - it's a good excuse to get rid of bad habits and inclinations, to change the character and attitude toward life and family.It may well be that such an artificial transplanting a new image will be the beginning of a new happy life.In any case, the risk is, because I can be an infinite number of times, as soon as the old personality eventually lose its relevance.

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