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Folk omens of winter

Signs of winter

cold winter to good year.Warm winter suggests starvation year, as it will be a little harvest.According to national signs, smooth ice on the river indicates poor harvest bread and ice piles says that a good harvest of grain.What will the harvest of grain can also be judged by the amount of snow.Lots of snow - a lot of bread, respectively little snow - a little bread.Yields on the year and say snowdrifts, frost and strong, and deeply frozen ground.Starry sky in winter says the frosty day.If the wood while burning cracking if the wood is bursting, it means that the frost will be long.

On New Year's snowing and warmth - the summer is rainy and warm.And if the New Year came the fog - the year will be fruitful.On a good harvest of grain say, clear New Year's Day and New Year if snowfall and bitter cold.But the lack of snow and warm bread speaks of crop failure.January 31 frosty weather and pure sunset - spring will come later, but frost delayed.According to national signs if February 1 h

eat, then the whole month will be warm, and vice versa, February 1 cold, cold all month.If 1 February snowstorm sweeps, then the weather will last the whole month, and if the sun drops, it will be an early spring.If a blizzard sweeps February 2, the Carnival will also be a blizzard.Snowstorm in the day also heralds freezing.February 4 is advised to look at the frozen windows: windows in the cold sweat - will be warming;beautiful patterns on the windows - so frost will last a long time.

should also pay attention to the snow if the snow depth, then the harvest will be good, if you run through the snow storm, it will be a bad harvest.

February 15 sweeps across the snow - spring will be too late, because according to national signs, this day is considered a turning point (there are icicles, winter ends, spring is approaching).Snow bears on the road - will be a good harvest.Rooster drinks a lot of water - winter will last longer than that is laid, and the spring is supposed to be long.Seeing these signs, the peasants was reserved winter stocks.This day can talk about the harvest of grass, if thrown in the day in the way of the stick sweep the snow, there will be a lot of grass.

Folk omens associated with the nature

Rowan says a lot also about the cold and frosty winter.

thin skin on flower bulbs suggests mild winter, when the skin is rough and thick, the winter will be severe.

8 October it began to snow - winter starts on 21 November when the dry land of snow fell, then he'll melt if wet, it will lie.Dry snow speaks with warmth and good summer.

October 9 is snow and rain - in January, wait 3 thaw.

first snow usually falls forty days prior to the onset of this winter.The first snow fell, and no leaves on cherry - winter is just around the corner.

Folk omens that are associated with animals

Watch the squirrel, it collects a lot of nuts - winter will be cold.

Cat hides the face - to bad weather or frost.

cat curled up on the stove on a soft cloth - to frost, cold.

cat sleeping soundly - it will be warm.

cat scratching the floor - expect snowstorms, wind.

cat looking out the window, sitting on the windowsill - to heat.

cat rubbing against objects - will be warm.

cat playfully scratching claws, running around the room in the winter - cold wait.

cat standing on its hind legs, claws scratching the walls, the dog lying in the snow - the blizzard will.

The cow's udder to a cold evening milking - are cold, warm - will warm.

horse on the snow falls - it will be warm.

Sparrows strive to hide in the brushwood - expect snowstorms or frost.

pet birds do not sing - the cold will last a long time.

Ravens fly in a flock and croak - frost.

Sparrows collect feathers and down from poultry houses - some days are cold.

Crow goes on the road - he says about the coming heat.

Ravens sitting on a tree and croak - expect snowstorms and snow.

titmouse start beeping in the morning - the night is cold.

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