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How to choose jewelry?

Historians still debate continues on the issue - which came first clothing or jewelry.Primitive people strongly adorned his body with beads, necklaces of animal teeth, earrings.What is the secret of these seemingly trinkets.Why decorations do not lose their popularity?

From history we know that the clothing of ancient people was quite primitive, it was just a necessity.But the decoration is not just an accessory, but were certain distinction, an indicator of social status, reflected material prosperity of the owner.In those days, no one cared about the suitability of this decoration to the addition to appearance.Their purpose was not emphasizing the beauty, but rather a reflection of the social status and material wealth.Jewelry handed down over many generations.

Today, this role is assigned to decorations.Complement and enhance the beauty of a woman and her image.The most important thing when choosing accessories do not overdo it, do not turn into a clown or a Christmas tree.Total should be in modera

tion.But we should not neglect the general decorations.After all, even the most expensive suit or a stylish dress without additional accessories can become tasteless, poor thing.And vice versa.Even the simplest, low-key dress, complemented by well selected decoration turns into a royal attire.

Every woman wonders how to choose the right jewelry to create a unique, stylish way.The easiest way to pick up decorations for a specific outfit, taking into account the quality of the fabric, its purpose.The fabric is lighter and cheaper, the cheaper and more elegant to be decoration.In this case, the harmony.

To dress up in sporty style of jeans or a raincoat fabrics best suited to simple decoration.Material - nickel silver, metal, silver, ceramics, leather, wood.The form must be geometric decorations.

Business suits of wool and flannel are perfectly combined with the same ornaments as sports outfits.Valid jewelry with semiprecious stones: translucent or opaque agate, coral, turquoise, «tiger eye» ...

If your dress is sewn from light, airy fabrics - silk, chiffon, crepe de chine, the decorations should be light, textured, silky surfaces.Perfect gems such as sapphires, pearls and aquamarine.

When buying new decorations, make sure it is right for you, it will emphasize your beauty, and not vice versa.Decoration should be appropriate to the age, type, appearance, complexion, and, of course, as well.If you are not sure of their choice, it is better to abandon the purchase.And with the publication, without confidence in impeccable decoration, it is better to give up the accessory.

Often ladies forget that every age has a specific style of jewelry.Young girls will look silly with heavy, massive accessories.The massive gold rings, earrings, pendants bulky, large precious and semiprecious stones are suitable to older women.And vice versa.Serious women aged can not afford frivolous fashion trinkets.

Unforgettable Coco Chanel said that to achieve the elegance of the number is replaced by quality.Of all that is put on a woman, it is better to remove something, you add something else.

not forget the main thing: to decorate the ornaments created, and not for other purposes.How to choose jewelry every woman decides itself, relying on their tastes and abilities.So let your desires coincide with the opportunities.Be an ornament for themselves.

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