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What immunizations need child to kindergarten?

All vaccinations must be carried out in advance, so that the body has had time to develop immunity.It is best to comply with all terms of vaccination, and if possible not to miss.

Availability of required vaccinations can prepare the child's immunity to the effects of a variety of microbes.They also protect the body against serious diseases.

Mandatory vaccinations for kindergarten:

  • Polio, tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.

These mandatory vaccinations, which should always be held to 2 years of age.Many people know that vaccination against whooping cough is a very difficult and unpleasant.But do not forget that this disease is very dangerous to life and health of the child.Pertussis is quite widespread and not worth the risk, and better secure a vaccine.

  • Rubella - Mumps - Measles

Some parents refuse immunizations given.They are motivated by the fact that the child should have had them myself.But it is necessary to think about the serious consequences of these diseases.In the case o

f measles infection may occur serious inflammation that affects the brain, some will remain disabled for life.But mumps has a strong effect on the reproductive system, especially the boys.

This vaccination do once, as a combination of three vaccines.It is not necessary to divide it into several parts.For the body it will be much harder.If a child has already had one of these diseases, the vaccine is removed from the corresponding component.Immunity after disease formed independently.

  • Hepatitis B and tuberculosis

main mode of transmission of this type of hepatitis is the direct hit of the blood of an infected person, the human body, as well as sex.Vaccination against hepatitis B is transferred simply.

Polyclinic based health card makes a statement, which lists all vaccinations.They are recorded in a special card, which is to be transmitted to the institution.It will be kept by the nurse that she will continue to monitor further vaccination of children.If the child has drainage from vaccination for medical reasons, such children are required to be accepted to kindergarten.

If parents want to best protect the child, you must spend before attending kindergarten additional vaccination.This will allow children to avoid many dangerous diseases.

Doctors recommend necessarily to be vaccinated against hepatitis A. In the kindergarten are created ideal conditions for contamination.Hepatitis A has a very strong effect on the liver.After inoculation, in exceptional cases, you can find low-grade fever or malaise.

is very dangerous meningococcal infection.It causes the appearance of meningitis, which is characterized by severe inflammation of brain membranes.Vaccination is carried out 6 months of age, and no serious reaction occurs.If only a slight reddening of the injection site.

In summer you can meet a large number of mites.They gradually moved to the city and can be found almost everywhere.As a result, their bite can occur encephalitis, which has very serious consequences.To protect your child, you need to be vaccinated, which contains only dead virus.

In early autumn, you can be vaccinated against the flu.In young children, there is no natural protection from the flu.But it is worth remembering that if you have an allergy to eggs, it is totally contraindicated.

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