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Wraps with honey and coffee

Wraps helps to open pores and subcutaneous promote more rapid removal of toxins.Weight loss is due to the excretion of fluid from the skin tissue.Procedures hot wraps improve blood circulation, relieve swelling.Wraps with honey and coffee are very popular and very effective in the fight against cellulite and slimming.Honey helps useful substances penetrate deeper into the skin.


Before you try to imagine wrap with honey and coffee, ask, not whether your skin propensity to allergic reaction to one or the other ingredients in the composition of honey-coffee mixture, which you will apply to the skin.The problem areas of the body are the stomach and thighs.Therefore, applying the mixture to wrap on his stomach, be careful and think about a few times, as some reactions can cause negative symptoms.In addition, any wrapping can not be applied to pregnant women.And most recipes wraps contraindicated for women with varicose veins or with a penchant for it.When deciding on the need for such

procedures - consult your doctor.

procedure of wrapping

first necessary to properly prepare the mixture for wrapping.In a measure of the liquid and not very dense mass should not be spread on the skin.The composition must be homogeneous and uniform, easily applied to the skin.After wrapping the mixture of coffee and honey will be ready to start to prepare yourself for the procedure.

  1. To achieve the greatest effect it is necessary to extend the time - it can be done with the help of a hot bath, or treating a body scrub or a special cleansing peeling.Coffee and honey weight should be evenly applied to the skin with a thick layer.Suitable for wrapping food film roll ordinary type.
  2. Merely applying the mixture to the skin wrapping is not enough.It should be warm.It is recommended to wear a tracksuit or other warm clothing.You can lie down, covered with a blanket, and you can do household chores - honey and coffee body wrap anyway do its beneficial work.Maintain the procedure 20-40 minutes, but not more than an hour.Remember that once held wrapping is necessary.It is necessary to carry out the procedure at least five times in one day.After wrapping remnants of the mask should be thoroughly wash and moisturize body lotion or milk.

How can you prepare for a lot of honey and coffee body wraps at home?

first method:

will take natural honey and coffee coarse.Everything is mixed until smooth and is applied to problem areas.Further, these areas of the body must be wrapped and wrapped in warmth.Very affordable and effective method.

second way:

Equal number of unground coffee and honey mix and apply on the thighs and buttocks, top-wrapped.On top of the film to wear warm clothes.At the time of the procedure (20 minutes) to do physical exercises.This will facilitate better penetration of nutrients into the skin.

be beautiful hard.But it's nice to notice the stares of adoring fans.Coffee and honey wrap - not a panacea for the extra kilograms and cellulite, but in combination with exercise and diet, you are sure to achieve the desired result.The main thing - the desire to be beautiful.So be attractive and healthy!

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