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Your baby and vitamins

But if we, the adults, are able to at least partially fill up your deficiency of vitamins purchased at a pharmacy of their complex composition, the body baby is not ready for this kind of experiment.Is that vitamin D3 is already possible to give a three-week child.Therefore, you need a competent and responsible approach to the selection menu for the kid, if we want our child was healthy and happy.

Where to start?We remember our grandmothers, who all summer spud their land, take care of patisson and currants, and then proudly take out his magic delicious harvesting the winter and spoil this yummy households.Yes, we start to learn from grandmas canning, dried, salted, pickling, freezing vegetable and garden gifts.No, I do not call all the power to throw out parts forgetting the long-awaited vacation abroad)).Now a lot of amateur gardeners with the beginning of the summer season are ready to share their harvest in a relatively little money.In addition, you do not need a bucket of berries, apples and the ba
le.It is possible to confine a glass or two, but with different berries.The same goes for vegetables.

Believe ways to preserve the value of vegetables, berries and fruits big set, and the benefits of such products - weight.Spoon frozen blueberries in a clover or a few berries cranberries, crushed into a tea invaluable enrich the dish of the child, despite the small proportion of the final product.Even frozen sprigs of parsley and celery give the vitamins soup crumbs.Remember that juice out of a jam garden berries did not concede the usefulness of juice factory, and if you are not lazy and they prepared for themselves autumn natural juice, canned or namoroziv it - then all is fine.Did you know that it is frozen, fruit very well maintained ascorbic acid and carotene?Only should know that eating frozen berries is consumed immediately after thawing, and vegetables should be immediately lowered into the broth and cook until done.You can also add various kinds of stews, casseroles, omelets and even meat patties.From fruits and berries can be cooked compotes, jelly, morsiki, add in cereals, in dairy products, and curds and cook delicious jellies and puddings.Maybe someone does not know, but even a simple tomato and peppers perfectly retain their flavor, aroma, and most of the vitamins when frozen.

Also, do not forget that in the sauerkraut and pickled vegetables preserved enough beneficial vitamins, especially vitamin C and broth after cooking vegetables (such as carrots and potatoes) can be used as a basic broth for cooking children's porridge.

We remember: Vitamin A is present in vegetables, orange and green colors;vitamin E in green leafy vegetables;Vitamin C in citrus fruits, berries, peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes;vitamin B2, stimulates the brain, contain broccoli and spinach;Vitamin B12 contain all sorts of root vegetables.

Of course, today, when the dead of winter, we have to be content with vegetables deli.But remember that my mother cooked broccoli puree or apple compote will bring much more benefit to the kid than packaged canned ready.Well, from next summer, the sleeves rolled up, begin actively stocking vitamins for the most expensive man on the ground - for your baby ...