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Astrological forecast only in 2011

Energy, the tunes on diplomacy, hospitality, creating a home-like atmosphere.Manageress, the planet Venus promises success creative people striving for peace and harmony, able to give love.However, this is the year of radical change in ideology, business, politics, who will be involved in all of humanity.The entry of Jupiter in Aries will give, strength and energy for new plans, projects, renovation of public and personal relationships.The entry of Uranus in Aries, where he will stay for eight years, will contribute to the technological breakthroughs, new inventions that contribute to change the world order.

In mid-spring change its position Neptune, who will move from Aquarius into Pisces and will stay in this sign 15 years, exerting a great influence on the development of creativity, music, art, painting, and personal relationships.Important role to play in society religion.Representatives of different faiths will perform at the forefront of the political process by performing a peacekeeping mission.

Large life-giving force will have verbal magic prayers.Well this year, to make a speech, to defend their rights in court, make good wishes.

2011 will be marked by a 6-eclipse - the sun and the moon, which may adversely affect the health and business initiatives.You can encounter backstage games, cheats, revelations.Enter into contracts and to sign documents should be with great caution.In general, this year of renovation, building a foundation for future achievements, replacement of all obsolete new viable.

Now let us turn to the only astrological forecast for 2011 for the representatives of different characters, according to the year of birth.

MOUSE - Life will put the practical everyday problems.To succeed, it is desirable to proceed cautiously, hidden secret methods behind the scenes to avoid family squabbles.Can cause trouble solving housing problems, exchange, repair, relocation.Patience and hard work by the end of the year will help to increase the treasury of the family budget, improve the quality of life and feel the joy of life.The key to success in any business - adaptation to the environment.

BULL - It is vital to rethink the position to mobilize the will to update the situations.The main thing is not to turn life into empty talk, fuss useless, harmful break cumbersome communication, strengthen friendships and useful contacts.Take care on health promotion.The tactics of diplomacy and compromise will help to keep the warmth and comfort of home.Autumn - time for grace to enter into unions.

TIGER - Life will put many tasks require a business skill, ingenuity.Do not sit on the ground, make plans, look for ways that lead to success.But think on the course forward, be careful with the financial costs - there is a danger "to put money away" and stay with empty pockets.In cases rely on the support associates - alone will not break.

CAT - Year does not promise an easy life, will require the mobilization of will power to overcome difficulties and to protect their rights.In cases will have to rely on their own strength and ability.This year, on the strength of personality tests and checks on independence.Money can become a "battleground."But optimism - your strength!Desire romance push for a change of the situation - to travel, travel abroad.

DRAGON - A year will not relax, put on trial, it activates the secret machinations of enemies.Envious - not asleep.Be flexible, try to benefit even from unpleasant situations, do not be afraid to take risks.There are financial changes.Stay afloat will help sober calculation, a clear course of action and good health, as well as a victory over their own latent defects.

SNAKE - In 2011, it is better not to build grandiose plans, do not rush things and to be selective in choosing friends - "Who lead the, from, and rack up!" Rely on family values.For the sake of peace comes about through diplomacy, compromise on.Those who took the trouble to "lift a finger", will receive financial profit.Chance of a marriage based on spiritual love or the possibility of a second marriage.

HORSE - Year patient will require the execution of their duties.We'll have to be humble, to put "right" over the "want."There may be difficulties in relations with the authorities.Be softer, more flexible, more tolerant, avoid conflicts.Risking unsafe - event is everything!Keep the warmth and sincerity of friendship.Take care on the strengthening of their health and comfort.

GOAT - In the first half of the year should show tolerance and diligence in the performance of their duties.Proceedings not be in vain, our plans will be implemented, to increase the credibility!Success will be achieved at the cost of their own efforts, not the case.In the second half of the year we can safely reap the benefits of good fortune, a taste of victory.But to avoid disappointment - not planned for this year long trips, overseas travel.

MONKEY - Astrological forecast for 2011 says, you expect a lot of surprises.Expect anything.Money can flow out through your fingers.Observe financial savings, control of the mind and behavior.Be flexible thinking, the elasticity behavior, strengthen ties with family and native people.Focusing on improving family life, housing, attached to the religion.Bring income business relations with foreign countries.Successful overseas tours will be.

ROOSTER - Year does not promise an easy life.Business worries can push personal life on the back burner.Not excluded litigation, divorce and ... "mother's maiden name."Life calls for renewal.Do not sit on the ground, longer communicate, meet, teach useful skills, take risks, go for a change.Will support the family and friends.

DOG - In the first half of the year will have to work hard, obey what the circumstances, to take care of the health promotion.The efforts are not in vain.Diligence and tactics of diplomacy and compromise will help strengthen the official position, ensure a flow of financial savings.Business and enterprising people end of the year promises to the implementation of all plans.The steady pursuit of the goal overcomes everything.The main thing - do not stop and do not give up.

BOAR - According to astrological predictions, you will be a year of contrasts, ups and downs.The success of the year is directly proportional to the effort, and on merit and honor.Have patience, humility, put duty above all, conscientious attitude to their duties willingly take on any job, to reveal creative abilities, to serve and obey.Benefit hobbies wellness programs, introduction to the religion.

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