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Cash mascots Feng Shui

Cash mascots Feng Shui

Three Chinese coins

Keep your purse or wallet three Chinese "coin prosperity", tied with a red cord.This method saves you from lack of cash.You can take any of the coins, but the best ancient Chinese coins with a hole in the middle.Awakens the energy of heaven and earth, it merges with its own human energy and formed a trinity Tian Di Ren.This is a quick way to attract good luck.


Aquarium set in the southeast with nine goldfish (one black and eight red), then it will contribute to success in money matters.Water in it should always be clean.The aquarium does not need to be installed on the right side of the main entrance door, if you look out from the inside.Otherwise, the head of the family will stare at other women.This will lead to the fact that he can find yourself another wife or mistress.

Signature prosperity

sign important documents "signed prosperity."It begins and ends with rising confident stroke of the pen.And the longer the upward stroke,

the better.Do not end the downward stroke of the signature.Choose your signature and practice the ability to subscribe properly.Do not tilt the signature left it should be clearly and confidently.

Money Tree

for good luck in financial affairs to buy jade tree "or" money "tree and place it in the southeast of the desktop.Living plant will generate energy for the growth of successful work.Plants should be healthy and strong.When the plant looks fade, it should be replaced, because the frail plants degrade the energy of Feng Shui.

trehlapy frog

symbol of wealth is trehlapy frog.Her mouth is one or three coins, which speaks of the wealth.Therefore, it should be placed "face" inside the house.It may be a frog, and no coins, but it has a slit in the mouth, which is inserted into a real coin.The more the frog will resemble a real frog, the better.But the best trehlapy frog shiny, yellow metal resembling gold.A suitable place for a living frog.It can not be put in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.In the toilet or in the bathtub, she typed "evil" spirit, in the kitchen it will be hot in the bedroom fast asleep and instead will bring good luck to some problems.Put a frog in a corner of the living room, which is located diagonally to the left of the door.If you have your own backyard with backyard, is home to frogs, treat them respectfully and kindly.According to ancient Chinese belief, frog family, which lives in the backyard of the house, protect welfare.

Hotei - Laughing Buddha is a deity, used as a talisman of feng shui.Hotei - god of wealth cheerful, communication, light-hearted, fun, well-being, happiness and wealth.This mascot will build relationships between people, to attract luck and money success.Hotei Sitting with a bag, you can put in any sector of the house.Great place for Hotei - living.It will bring you to the fulfillment of your desires.

Another common symbol of wealth, success in business, a ship sailing - sailboat that laden with precious stones, gold bullion, coins.Sailboat with sails inflated by the wind, the symbol of happy.It is unwise to buy a model of "Titanic."Acquired sailboat load banknotes, coins, "gold bullion" Sailboat nose should be located inside the room, it was clear that the ship carries a wealth of home.