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Fashion spring coat 2015: overview of current female models

Women's coats spring 2015: the popular styles

From popular styles can be noted the volume, fitted and simple cut (straight and shaped) with the usual for this type of clothing material - thick woolen cloth, wool, tweed and leather.

undisputed hit of the spring season - the coat-style oversize.The style of the coat as possible free, which is very comfortable and practical.Especially the trend is oversize coat in the style of "minimalism": the most stringent design and is made in a restrained colors.

not go out of fashion this spring and business coat of traditional costume fabric.Welcome figure in the form of Christmas trees tissues, cells and Scottish crow's feet.The real breath of freshness for the refined natures will kimono coat.When choosing a coat, give preference to light cloak kimono.They should be below the knee, tighten their belts at the waist and be gentle pastel shades.

But the most fashionable trend for Spring 2015 will be retro - back the 60s and 80s.Fashion is cyclical

, so there is nothing surprising that the styles of the past years again to conquer the world's catwalks.The fitted cut and three-dimensional shape, wide belts and classic silhouettes, massive shoulders and big pockets.Especially popular this spring will be trench-coat.This is a shortened version of the classic coat buttoned won no woman's heart by its practicality and refined silhouette.

As for the length, in the spring of 2015 a special attention should be paid to the coat "maxi".However, it is more appropriate to girls model of growth.The young lady lower stylists recommend medium-length coat that is worn with high heels.

Current colors women's coat 2015

spring 2015 trendy shades will remain black, gray and white, which are perfect for everyday wear as well as output options.However, in the spring, you want something fresh and really bright.So do not limit yourself and notice the coat of bright colors: pink, yellow, blue, green, blue.Choosing bright coat, give preference monotonous models - they attract more attention and look very stylish.

Classic is always in fashion: how to choose and what to wear classic clothing coat

to look stylish and actually necessary to have vast wardrobe.It is enough to get a 3-4 base things of high quality in a classic style.For example, buy a classic coat, which in the spring of 2015 again in the trend.About how to choose and what to combine this model of women's coats, and will be discussed in this article.

groupies nyudovyh shades will also be where carousing.Delicate pastel and beige colors perfectly accentuate subtle feminine coat model.And do not forget the favorite spring season - red.It can be any shade ranging from crimson and ending currant.But the most popular is the most fashionable color of the coat in 2015 - Marsala.

fashionistas who want to express their own individuality as much as possible to get help from prints.In spring 2015 fashion season, they should be bright and large.Still remain relevant animalic patterns: zebra, leopard, snake.Compete with them and other ornaments: geometric patterns, floral patterns, colorful blocks.

From what to wear fashionable coats in the spring of 2015

This spring, stylists advise to combine a coat with feminine ensembles.For example, to coat any suitable high boots, stockings and high heels classic.Short coat would look great in a duet with trapezoidal skirt or dress-cover.Voluminous and long coat models, designers are advised to carry things in style casual: jeans and slacks, long tunics, maxi platyami.Chto As for accessories, then this spring, they should be as simple and convenient.Choose a medium-sized practical bags, belts dark shades, classic leather gloves.

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