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About the dangers of smoking for schoolchildren

harm of smoking for teenagers and schoolchildren

assume that what you feared has happened.Your child told you that smoke, and this is not the first cigarette, he was dependent on smoking.How to help students quit smoking?Not only parents should ban smoking, but also the children themselves need to understand all the responsibility to ourselves and to understand that smoking is harmful to their health.


anatomically to 12 years in a child completes the formation of the lungs.A physiologically completed 18 years, and some have completed 21 years.In adult mode, all other organs are working after the age of majority.When smoking, the body receives a lot of carbon monoxide, after which it comes into contact with hemoglobin.Target hemoglobin that it transports oxygen to the cells of the tissues.When the carbon monoxide replaces oxygen and join hemoglobin, it will lead to the fact that due to oxygen starvation deaths occur.As a result, all the tissues and organs occurs "choking", namely the lack

of oxygen.Since the baby is still increasing, this may lead to great danger.

Smoking is bad for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, student.If the child began to smoke even in junior high school, then to 12 years it will have shortness of breath and disturbed heart rhythm.According to the observations of scientists, if the experience of smoking a half years, the teenagers violated regulatory mechanisms of respiration.

Doctors note in young smokers feel worse - weakness, shortness of breath, cough.They are frequent acute respiratory infections, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, frequent colds.There are teens who have frequent escalating chronic bronchitis.

Again deuce

As much toxic substances and nicotine affect the child's mind.The younger teen smoking, the more disturbed blood supply to the brain under the influence of nicotine.Smokers school deteriorate coordination, ability to logic, the volume of short-term memory, attention.Teens who smoke suffer worse than the load at school, often overworked.The largest number of smokers is found among the Losers.

Early fascination with tobacco leads to the fact that as an adult, a man hard to give up nicotine addiction.The child quickly formed nicotine addiction.Because in this age of the nervous system is not mature, and the impact of psychoactive substances - tobacco causes a much stronger effect on the health of a child than an adult.

think about the future

in adolescents under the influence of nicotine disturbed hormonal status, which even at that time did not really have time to form.Nicotine affects the endocrine glands, in Vol. H. On the sex glands in girls and boys.As a result of violations of human reproductive capabilities in the future, there is the appearance of excess weight and the underdevelopment of the whole organism.

For example, smokers schoolgirls are painful menstruation, they increased by 1.5 times compared to those girls who never touched tobacco.If as a child made the first puff, then 30 years a person can be disabled with being overweight and heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease.About the dangers of smoking students said the fact that the state of his health is much worse than that of the man of 50 years who smoked later age.

can apply to the KTC, which will provide advice to doctors and psychologists.Psychologists help student prepare to quit and help him to find a replacement for smoking, overcome addiction, and support in the fight against nicotine addiction.Doctors will pick up as the effective way to quit smoking, give advice, if there is a health problem.

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