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Mantras to attract money: Text

In fact, each of us can get anything he wants.However, we must not only believe in the power of the cosmos, but also go to the purpose.Become more successful and richer mantra will help you to attract money - text, allowing the universe to send a desired message.

mantra to attract money: the texts of Natalia Pravdina

mantra or affirmation - is an ancient formula that charged a lot of energy.The word "mantra" is derived from "manna" (mind) and "tra" (liberation).Each mantra is necessary to sing 108 times.

Affirmations are a tool for the liberation of the energy sent from the human mind.If correctly pronounce or sing the mantra, then the whole body and mind relax, leave the stress and negative thoughts.However, this is not all advantages of this philosophy.

Mantras help to set up their minds on prosperity and well-being.Due to the circulation of divine grace enabled to attract luck and wealth.

Pravdina Natalia is a philosopher, writer and lecturer.She tells her students about positive thinking an

d how to realize their own desires.Her book immediately became popular, especially among fans of the philosophy of Feng Shui.

She took care of the modern humans who lead an active lifestyle and almost constantly in motion.She recorded a video with mantras, as well as audio books that are easy to listen to public transportation, walking or during household chores.

Ganesh Mantra to raise money

Ganesha - Hindu god of prosperity and well-being.From ancient times to treat Ganesha those who wish to improve their financial situation.

to get what you want, not necessarily profess Hinduism.A person can be an adherent of any religion, the main thing - is to have a great desire and faith.Affirmation is not prayer, is a collection of different sounds and words.Mantras help to become more confident, wiser, smarter and more energetic.If you recite the mantra every day, it will help to reveal the different potentials, opportunities and even find their life purpose.

mantra to attract money.Text of Ganesha: "OM SRIM-Hrim-climate GLAUM GAM-GANAPATAYE-VAR-Varadi sarva-jana IU VASHAMANAYA Svaha."Repeat need at least three times a day for three times.Affirmations can also listen.Convenient to use audiobooks.

To enhance the effect, you can always carry the words of the mantra in your wallet.It is best to write them down on paper by hand.Be sure to visualize in your mind your desire by reading affirmations.It is important to visualize every detail in detail.Try to see yourself rich, successful and happy.

Recite the mantra of Ganesha for money with faith and energy.You have to physically feel like radiate out into the universe promise.We must learn to open their minds and limits of reason.

There are also Tibetan mantra for attracting money.Lyrics:


There is a strong mantra with the number 7753191. These figures need to say 77 times within 77 days.Thus, a vibration, promoting the growth of finance.

affirmations to attract money with the magic code 7753191