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Anorexia nervosa in adolescents: a manifestation, prevention

Manifestations of the disease

first symptom of anorexia - sudden weight loss of approximately 15-20% of body weight.In addition, women (90% of cases - namely women) dramatically changes the way you dress, start to wear long, baggy things.This is partly due to the desire to hide the changed shape, or with a deformed perception of the body, which seems to them an incredibly bold.

Other symptoms of anorexia - excessive fixation of attention to diet, hard counting calories, fanatical, in the fullest sense of the word, adherence to the smallest detail all the regular diet.Also here include chronic symptoms of beriberi, constipation and similar disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, problems with the cardiovascular system (symptoms of arrhythmia), failure of the menstrual cycle, until the complete disappearance of caries as a result of a lack of trace elements in the body, but also because patientsanorexia often cause vomiting after they still forced to eat.Gastric juice has acidic washes and calci

um from the tooth enamel.

physical exhaustion becomes life-threatening, imbalance of electrolytes, hence the already mentioned arrhythmia, capable in moments of stress or load even lead to death.In addition, patients are constantly cold - compromised as a natural thermoregulation, and because of the shortage of body weight.

Bulimia, and how it differs from anorexia

is close to anorexia and often spills over into her bulimia.Patients with bulimia is also extremely fixed on a possible excess weight, but they have fits of uncontrollable bad appetite.However, emptying the fridge and Zaev stress, patients with bulimia woman immediately causes vomiting.This leads to the defeat of the digestive tract, tooth decay, ulceration of the esophagus and stomach.

The list of problems is far from complete, especially when you consider that anorexia lately much younger.Focus on diets are already beginning to twelve year old girl.Meanwhile, adipose tissue as the body needs, like bone or muscle.In addition, although the timing of puberty individual, but approximately 18-19 years active body produces growth hormone, and for the construction of bodies need good nutrition.

According to the observations of psychiatrists, there are cases when the girl was 9 years old refused to eat.

Prevention of teenage anorexia

Anorexia is treated hard and long, but it can be prevented.First of all, explain to the child themselves or with the help of experts that weight gain - an inevitable part of puberty, is a natural process.Very useful if a family involved in sports and teen parents taught physical activity.Since childhood, discuss TV shows about diets if their child is watching, form a realistic view of the human body, rather than the distorted standards of anime characters or otfotoshoplennye photos.And finally, most importantly, create a child's positive self-esteem.A person with attitudes "I'm good, though not without some shortcomings" has an order of magnitude less likely to develop anorexia.

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