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What awaits Capricorn in 2014?

SHE looking for a middle ground between home and career, and help her in this personal responsibility.

Pluto continues its march on your sun sign, thereby periodically bringing into your life changes.If you do not want your life circumstances broke character begins to change themselves.Saturn retrograde from March to July, will allow you to reconsider their views on self-expression.There may be a situation where your ideas and suggestions will not be taken any way you would like.Do not hurry to get upset, wait in the wings.Spring will learn to feel the right moment.Events March to May because of the constant movement of Mars can be both destructive and creative.They require you to personal activity, initiative, courage, dedication and limit exertion.Ride out the typhoon events in a secluded place fail.

born from 22 to 31 December.
This year, the relatives and friends need your help.Solving their problems, in the second half of the year you may encounter overt abuse your kindness.Learn refuse.In M
arch-June, be careful not to borrow.In July and August complaisance and sex appeal could attract into your life partner capable of including significantly improve your financial situation.

born from 1 to 10 January.
In the first half of the year you will be inclined to actively express their position, "all or nothing".The belief that it is better and more correctly you will not be able to do, will interfere in any partnership.In April-June, stay away from the adventurous projects where you have to use his or her duties.In April and December, try to control their freedom and independence.Selfishness and jealousy in friendly relations can best friends breed in May and September.

born from 11 to 20 January.
In January-February, be honest in partnership and avoid misunderstandings on either side.In the period from March to August, you can pass the test of loyalty to his views, the ability to go to the purpose despite the circumstances.In May and July, you can feel the support of light forces.Those who were against you can change your attitude and become your friend.November - December - the time to reap the fruits of their efforts during the year.

OH will try to do more, to be proud of his successes of people close to him.

In the first half of Mars in the area of ​​career pressure and endow you with courage to solve the problems on the road to professional success.In January, April, June, to avoid situations that are dangerous for your reputation.At the same time, try not to move away too much from their parents, family.They look at your problems will help you find the best solution.In winter and autumn do not be afraid to take on more responsibility.Events December will be a pleasant reward for military work this year.

born from 22 to 31 December.
In January, trying to ignore domestic troubles at home.Excess labor zeal in March and June is fraught with weakening health.In the second half of the summer you can trust dreams and intuition.The success and the possibility of self-realization, you will be required to a business partner.

born from 1 to 10 January.
In January and April and June, you will be working at the limit of strength.Since March, will be felt your innate creative abilities.Learn how to wisely use their talents.In romantic relationships fear of responsibility will prevail over the joys of life partner.

born from 11 to 20 January.
In January-March, October-December, do not refuse the help of older colleagues.Maybe an invitation, which you can not refuse.In the fall, try not to take responsibility for the money of the company.

It is a time of great change
This year will be full of events.The changes will affect your personal life, the atmosphere in the family.The situation in the society, is a career that will excite you to a greater extent.


Emotions over the edge
in a love relationship can not do without showdown and the confrontation of characters.In your power to smooth things over, and to create an atmosphere of harmony and acceptance of others.To avoid conflicts and selfish cavil in relations during the winter months.In April, June, July, October, try to perceive a partner as a gift, not as a person who you something should be.Spring will revive in you the lady that could turn the head of lightning like the man.Your loved one will be willing to forgive you even your authoritarianism and the desire to have everything just your opinion.In June, in the first half of August, September, November, you can plan vacation, travel, entertainment, or together with those who are in resonance with you.If you are in search of a couple, in these months, be open to dating and tune in a romantic mood.


Be able to switch
In the first half especially pay attention to their parents.Perhaps, in January-February, April, June and July should consider options for changing living conditions.The most favorable period for the solution of domestic problems will be in the spring, especially in May.March, May, August, September, November, a time when in your home can silence and peace.Enjoy the harmony, forgiving insults and often speak of their love those series.Get their economic talents.Since July, the kids also want porukovodit home.This is a very unite your family.


Learn to forgive
Throughout the year, due to the interaction of Neptune, Charon, Jupiter and Saturn, you will tend to forge new relationships, so the circle of new friends and acquaintances can expand.These may be people older than you, prosperous and powerful, unusual and creative professionals.In January and February, let a friend be a master.In March and July, do not let doubt settle down in your soul.To raise the self-esteem go to friends.In June and November, your ability to feel what is necessary and important to the other person, you can make an authoritative figure in any group.In August and September do not conflict with its neighbors.


Do not forget to rest more often
This year, your strong and enduring body will be able to withstand heavy loads.Yet tensions are times when professional remind myself and chronic diseases.To soften, is carried on throughout the year preventive measures.In February and October, pay attention to the heart, spine, endocrine, respiratory, and urogenital system.In April, may suffer from headaches, coughing and resume liver pain, possible inflammation of the female organs and nervous irritability.Take care of normal sleep and a balanced diet.In this month the aggressive and risky behavior can cause injury to your hand, shoulder-clavicular joint.In May-June and December favorable period for spa treatment, wellness visits salt mines.

Career and Finance

Luck favors the bold
Important changes can happen this year in the professional sphere.In January and February you will have the opportunity to express themselves and make themselves known as a professional.February-June - a period when the increase in earnings depends on accumulated knowledge and experience.In March-May due to the retrograde motion of Mars may be tensions with the authorities or about unprofessionalism, inappropriate activities.Discipline and a clear understanding of the requirements and interests of the employer may remedy the situation.In May and June, your intuition and ingenuity will help in solving complex problems.In summer, there may be situations that have a negative impact on our reputation.Be selective in cooperation, strangers and use public money only for its intended purpose.Business travel in October will not be as effective as you expected.You may want to delegate some of their responsibilities, as part of the work to take home.