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How to give your child medicine?

Anything is possible, and in this case it really tak.Mudrye parents have long since developed a specific scheme, following kotoroymozhno prevent child tantrums, and the nerves of adults will stay in the poryadke.Rassmotrim these methods.

Aktualnyesovety on how to treat the child's way of drug

It is important prior to use of a lekarstvennogosredstva, be sure to read the instructions.Attention is drawn to the contraindications described, as well as all kinds of side effects, chtobybyt know.It is in plain language that is understandable to your child, explain why you have to offer him the medicine and what it should be.Lyuboyrebenok showing great interest in the nature of its origin, and all that is connected sney causes their curiosity.Thus, there gorazdobolshe chance that your pipsqueak still drink the medicine itself, a voluntary way.

Taking medication can turn vneobychnuyu game.If you have a good imagination, it is not working for vaspridumat something such.You can, for example, tell your c

hild a story omikrobah who want to grab the body and on the heroes of the medicines that hotyatpospeshit aid.Thus, the child will be interested takiminteresnym event, and will want to help good heroes.

Many parents have heard that prinimayalekarstvennye drugs to reduce the possible risk of irritation slizistoyzheludka need to drink their milk.All experts in the field, atakzhe pediatricians recommend any drugs, including chislemikstury, suspensions, tablets and capsules drink only freshly boiled vodoyneytralnoy temperature.If desired, water can be sweetened to make it palatable bylabolee child.And if the drug slishkomgorkoe can make a weak sweet tea.

Dlyadetey up to three years: a white lie

course, to agree to a voluntary consent to toili that medicine can only be with the children, whose age suggests that onivas certainly understand.And how to be with younger children?This sluchaelekarstvo be given fraudulently, that is cunning.

great difficulty in adults causes lekarstvennyhsredstv use in tablet form.The fact that children at a young age just don `t know how to drink.And if somehow you manage to drink a pill ugovoritmalysha appears the likelihood of vomiting.By etoysamoy reason doctors recommend to grind pills state poroshka.Osuschestvit the process is not difficult.It can be used as podruchnyhsredstv teaspoons, one of which should put the tablet and vtoroylozhkoy grind it to powder.Only should take into account the fact that the spoon prietom should be dry, in order to achieve the best effect.

This resulting powder can be melted in any detskomnapitke: tea or compote.It should be noted that for similar purposes ispolzovatne recommended mineral water or juice, as a drug mozhetvstupit them into chemical interaction.And the consequences of this protsessamogut be different.

powder must be very carefully stir until polnogorastvoreniya.The drug should not remain in the vessel after how a kid drink liquid.It is important to note that if your baby spit chastzhidkosti with medication, in any case, you can not add lekarstvennoesredstvo, estimating the proportions in the eyes.In this case, there veroyatnostperedozirovki that do not lead to better outcomes for children organizma.Umestnee will wait for the next hour reception means and then make sure that the baby has drunk to the end.

Note also that kid for spoof povoduvkusa drugs, such as medicine or suspension, which can not rastvoritv sweet liquid, is strictly forbidden.Indeed, in this case, the child mozhetpropast you trust next time to persuade to take the medicine rebenkastanet problematic.

regard to the various suspensions, currently ihizgotavlivayut with the addition of various sweeteners and flavorings, chtoyavlyaetsya priimuschestvom for parents, because in this way the child ohotneesoglashaetsya on their use.But if a child posleprimeneniya like drug allergy occurs understand chtoimenno caused it, those sweeteners, or the tool itself is quite difficult.

As for medicines in tablet form, the majority of parents resort to such methods, kaksmeshivanie powder and jam, condensed milk or other sweet products.Vedvzroslye believe that in this way the child will be easier to drink this sredstvo.V some extent they are right, but there is less of this view.In that case, if the taste of the drug would kill the addition of the product that you added a child to have a strong aversion to podobnomuproduktu later.Therefore, it is not necessary to mix categorically lekarstvennoesredstvo to mandatory food for the children's menu, such as yogurt, cottage cheese or milk.

is important to remember to certain prohibited actions bezopasnosti.Kategoricheski force to encourage your child to drink or that sredstvo.Ved child can choke them, or you can trigger rvotnyyrefleks so.

is very important to treat that child vkoem case should not even take their own sweet and insignificant lekarstva.Podobnoe should always be carried out under your strict supervision.