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How to cope with the manifestations kinetosis children?


Today pharmacies offer us a wide range of medicines against kinetosis, but the use of many of them is permissible only after 10-12 years.Appointment of a particular drug, its dosage and method of application should be based only on the pediatrician or neurologist.

Many of the drugs are taken in advance (half an hour before the trip), so they have time to prevent unpleasant symptoms of motion sickness.Some medications only reduce the excitability of the vestibular apparatus, which helps prevent nausea and dizziness.The doctor will advise you to use such drugs only if the trip will be a long and carries the baby transport is very bad.To prevent such drugs are not accepted.Any such means can be side effects, expressed for example in allergy.Give your child a medicine only if it is already seasick before (not to provoke an attack again).If the trip is not planned long-term (not more than one hour), try to avoid the use of drugs.

All anti kinetosis divided into several groups.

  • main groups - are special drugs that suppress the symptoms of motion sickness.Their main effect - penetration into the nervous system of the child where they are directly reduce the flow of impulses from the vestibular apparatus.Because of this it is possible to suppress lightheadedness, vomiting and dizziness.In early childhood (from one year) is allowed to use the drug Dramina.Preparations Ciel and Kinedril permitted to apply to two years.Remember, these drugs have an impressive list of side effects: thirst, dry mouth, heart palpitations, vision and influence on the pressure, expressed sedation.The drug is taken one hour before traveling.
  • The other group includes homeopathic remedies: Kokkulin (administered to children from three years), Vertigohel (from two years), Air-Sea (also two years).The basic principle of action of these drugs - "like a similar treat."We are talking about the fact that in large doses homeopathic remedies themselves would cause symptoms kinetosis, but in small doses it helps the body fight illness.They have almost no side effects and contraindications.Their use is inadmissible only if the individual intolerances or allergies in the child.It is very convenient that the kids they are released in the form of drops, caramels and granules.The drug is taken half an hour before the trip.
  • If motion sickness is strongly expressed, the doctor may prescribe anti-allergy (antihistamine), sedative or anti-emetic.Choosing the appropriate tools depends on the degree of kinetosis.All of these drugs effectively cope with the excitability of the nervous system and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of motion sickness.They are also big enough list of side effects: confusion, lethargy, drowsiness and dry mouth.However, if your child vomits every trip, these drugs significantly ease the situation.Dosage and method of use of the drug appoint a doctor.

What if the medicine is powerless in your case?

Sometimes it happens when the effect of the drug is observed weak or non-existent.This can happen when an individual insensitive to a particular drug.Consider increasing the dosage and re-medication is not permitted.Be patient and give your child the most comfortable transfer journey through the use of non-pharmacological methods of struggle with the symptoms of motion sickness.

non-drug methods of combating kinetosis

There are many non-drug methods that allow you to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness.These methods are tested over the years, it is quite safe and really help children.It makes sense to try them out in practice.Of course, no one can guarantee that they will help your baby is, because the body of every child is different, as well as, in fact, causes motion sickness.

effective remedy for nausea and motion sickness ginger is considered.It must be cut into thin plates and just suck during the trip.Not all children like the taste of ginger, so you can replace it with ginger cookies or candy.Drink ginger tea before the trip or infusion.

Some children well help essential oils, especially peppermint and chamomile.Dripping a few drops of oil on a handkerchief or tissue and inhale air through it.

against motion sickness also helps the infusion of oats or spinach juice.These drinks are prepared very simply.Infusion of oats, one tablespoon of oats have to pour boiling water, leave for 30-40 minutes and strain.The juice from fresh spinach washed extract through a juicer.If you know in advance of a trip, start giving your child these drinks (about a quarter cup twice a day) for three to four days before departure.

in the trip as a drink is better to use mineral water without gas or some sour juice.Drink small sips of their need.

the road frequently, wipe the baby's face and hands with a damp cloth, you can make a wet bandage on his forehead.A child should be loose clothes with wide collar without gum and tight straps.When there is sickness - put the baby on his lap and talk to him on your favorite topics.It will distract from unpleasant thoughts and feelings.But still the best remedy for motion sickness remains a dream.

Many parents think that the way to feed the baby more tightly, that the propensity to motion sickness is fundamentally wrong.Heavy meal only worsens the situation.A hungry child, of course, also can not take.It is recommended to organize a light snack one hour before traveling.Food should be easily digestible.Optimal nutrition before departure and on the road - a piece of boiled fish, yogurt, cottage cheese.Along for the ride is not recommended to take a soda and milk.Moreover, if a child in the way swayed, do not eat with him.It can also trigger an attack.

If the trip far in advance Think about where you can eat.Stop to have sufficient time to immediately after a meal do not go on the road, and take a stroll in the fresh air for 30-40 minutes.This will help your child cope with motion sickness.

Planned training

If you often have to travel by car or other vehicle, begins to train the vestibular apparatus of the child in advance.

Some parents begin to take along children almost from birth.This is justified because so vestibular system adapts to the movement of the crumbs.Consider such trips should be made only in the car seat and for short distances.

Training can be done at home.The main criterion should be a regular exercise.Examples of simple exercises to train the vestibular apparatus: carrying and rocking the baby in her arms, rocking on the gym ball, child rotation, whirling and coups.Such manipulations like to spend the pope.Very often, we see how they throw, circling and somersault their children.Now we know that it's not only fun, but also very useful.

child older than one and a half to two years should be taught to ride, "sausage" from side to side, walking on the curb or log, rock it on the swings and roundabouts, to learn to swim and jump on an inflatable mattress.

Motion sickness - a phenomenon unpleasant.But we found out that effective measures to combat it still exist.By following simple tips and tricks you save the kid out of trouble, that he fully with you able to enjoy the trip.


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