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How to transform a woman stylists!How cool they pick up each outfit under her figure, skin color, eye.How beautiful her hair done, make-up that when a woman comes to the mirror, she "does not know it himself."And how to change the words of the woman said in her address!She and slender, and beautiful and smart.I think a lot of words for a lifetime no one spoke.And she "thrives", younger eyes.Every detail of dress emphasizes the dignity of the figure and hide flaws.From the correct color ruddy face, fashion shoes, slender legs.

second reason-inability to dress is simple ignorance in this matter.We are taught from childhood not to this art.Do not give the "old" drawing lessons that are not primarily specialists.They are given to the load to those teachers who have little of their watches.And these lessons are "nothing."A true professionals simply do not go to school with such a meager salary.It turns so the art in the "pen".For some reason it is considered to be in our school that the physics, chemistr
y necessarily useful in life, and drawing no.

And only in the big cities probably born future artists, designers, architects, as there are excellent specialists in schools, there are art schools.From here the whole unenlightenment in this matter.
I enjoy art education in Japan.There are taught from an early age the art.They know how to enjoy the cherry blossoms, the autumn garden.And we do not.Only if nature gave you a talent.And yet our people, most of them dressed with taste.Now a lot of information around the internet, books, beautifully dressed people.And things are already finished stitched with style.

But still there are people who "do not look" in the mirror.

Here are some verbal pictures.
  1. Beautiful tall woman, and so ridiculously dressed.Some shabby style clothing.Instead, high heel shoes, slippers.Fiery red hair, why a person becomes greenish.
  2. fat lady in tight trousers and jacket to the waist.Why do others look at her fall out "charm."How ugly and ugly.She thinks her slim trousers.It is not, at this very fullness need to wear loose clothing.
  3. elderly woman in a very dark attire.It makes it even older than 10 years older a person becomes, the brighter clothes should be on it.
  4. girl with skinny legs, like a trooper with a large gap between his legs.She wore tight jeans and bleached in the leg.Well, skeleton and all.It's funny though.Surely no one will tell her how she looks?
  5. ugly when children dressed in adult ball gowns.It is appropriate, when the New Year or a wedding, but not every day the same.
  6. let8-9 Here comes the girl next to her mother.It is narrow denim skirt, a low heel.Yes, even your daughter will have time to grow up, and I want to say to this mother.There is very great children's clothes and shoes.Why should disfigure a child.
  7. School celebration.The girl on the head 6 klassnitsa adult hairstyle.They went with her mother to the hairdresser specifically to build such a "miracle" As a result, the girl looked like a 10-klassnitsa.And why is it necessary?
And I'm thinking that this is necessary to learn to dress nicely.And in art has its own rules and laws.

I've always been annoyed by people who do not consider art as science.Here's an example, looking at my artwork or clothing, which I myself do, say, "Oh, how wonderful, and I can not do that."Yes, of course it will not be able to learn.Why not think of a person that he can not do surgery or play a musical instrument?He knows that it is necessary to learn.And why think that artistic skill to come itself?

do not like self-righteous people do not enjoy the taste.They do not even want to listen to advice.They are so proudly exhibit their work and admire them.And there are the same judges that buy this stuff.And there are distorted shape, color wildness, horror one.They believe that everyone knows.

The same applies to clothing.Some can not tolerate other people's advice.They say that they like to dress up.

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