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Is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation?

question of conception during menstruation are concerned not only women, but also doctors.As you know, gynecologists are not recognized so-called safe and dangerous days.They divided the days of the menstrual cycle on a very dangerous and not dangerous.Consequently, virtually all healthy and fulfilling women have the ability to get pregnant during menstruation, while many in this phenomenon and do not believe.A woman's body is individual, like the menstrual cycle.If the pregnancy during menstruation one woman is not possible, then the other can simply and easily get pregnant.

Many people learned that some people do not stop having sex during menstruation partner, at best, hands divorced, and at worst - pomorschatsya.This raises the question - why have sex during menstruation?The answer to this question is on the surface.Many women during menstruation begin to experience significant sexual desire, which is almost impossible to handle.And men are not far behind.Some representatives of the strong half of
society begins to intensify libido during menstruation partner.What is the reason it is difficult to determine, it is likely that all the fault of the hormone surge.

But it should immediately make a reservation.Having sex during menstruation may be only in 2 cases: the first - with a permanent partner, and secondly - in the absence of a variety of infections, sexually transmitted diseases.We must always remember that the uterus during menstruation is an open wound surface, the cervical canal is slightly open, and menstrual blood does not act as an enabling environment for the development of pathogenic micro-organisms.For this reason, doctors recommend the use of condoms during menstruation is not only to protect against pregnancy, but also to protect against all kinds of infections.

During the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs somewhere after 14 days.If a woman has full confidence in the regularity of the cycle, the probability of getting pregnant during menstruation is reduced to virtually zero.Moreover, the most active bleeding is in the early days of the menstrual cycle, and the penetration of sperm into the uterus is almost impossible.But there are certain situations where a woman could become pregnant during bloody discharge.
  1. When prolonged menstruation and only a short menstrual cycle.Short of the menstrual cycle, which lasts 25 days or less.
  2. with irregular menstrual cycle.On menstrual irregularities say in the case when its duration is different for each month - 21 or 35 days.
  3. When spontaneous ovulation.
  4. When other factors that affect the menstrual cycle.There are many factors influencing the course of the menstrual cycle and lead to a change in the schedule of ovulation.These include the reception of various hormones, nervous overload trip, common diseases, etc.
In any case, during the month, you can get pregnant.Therefore, you should take all measures to ensure that this did not happen.