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Methods of contraception for lactating mothers

But it is always necessary to consider that during lactation the number of valid contraceptive medication is reduced to one or two.So how do you understand the methods of contraception and do not hurt the baby?

Consider all of the major methods of contraception for lactating mothers.

Doctors always inform a woman who bore that breastfeeding is 100% guaranteed not to get pregnant during this period.Maybe someone is upset, but this is absolutely not the case.In order to serve as a guarantee of lactation must be met in several parameters:

  • absence of menstruation;
  • child under the age of six months;
  • number of breastfeeding per day should be at least 8-9 times;
  • amount of additional food per day for a child not more than 10-15%, including water and juice.

If at least one of the points is not respected, you should still start using one of the methods of contraception for lactating mothers.

Most women who strictly follow all the rules, can sleep peacefully.Although any rule there are exceptions, and t

his method can also be misleading.It all depends on the individual characteristics of a nursing mother.


Taking hormonal contraception is allowed to have 5-6 weeks after pregnancy.At the heart of these drugs is a hormone progestogen.It is believed that such preparations have a minimal effect on the female body, and, and as a consequence, the body grudnichka.

Hormonal contraceptives are divided into three groups:

  • capsules implanted under the skin (valid for 5 years);
  • tablet mini-pill (they must be taken daily without interruption);
  • injection (performed once in three months).

Of course, before you start using any of the above means of contraception, a nursing mother should get expert advice.

Mechanical methods of contraception for lactating mothers.

These drugs include the diaphragm, spermicides and condoms.

Condoms - the most common means of contraception.They are suitable for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, both before and after birth.This is the easiest method, which is commercially available.Usually condoms protect against pregnancy by 100%, not allowing sperm to enter the uterus, but exceptions can also be.So buy this remedy is only in specialized areas, such as a pharmacy and not in the stands.

Aperture - a kind of domed cap made of latex.It covers the cervix and prevents sperm to get "the mark"."Wear" aperture can be yourself sitting, standing or lying down.Whatever you like.Always monitor the occurrence of cracks and, if detected, they immediately withdraw from the body aperture.It has no contraindications.Do not use if you are allergic to latex, both in principle and condoms.

Spermicides - are also commercially available and are sold without a doctor's prescription.The formulations may be in the form of tablets, gels, foams, sprays, ointments and suppositories.This contraception must be used immediately before each sexual act.Under the influence of these drugs all sperm are killed.Less is spermicides that may allergy and irritation of the vaginal mucosa.Also, if a woman is pregnant and, without knowing it, continues to spermicides, this is a very negative impact on the unborn child.Even can cause fetal malformation.It is worth remembering that if you use this method of contraception, it is still 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy does not exist.Studies have shown that spermicides protect only 30%.

One of the most common methods of contraception - the introduction spiral .This contraceptive effect of 3 to 5 years.On the introduction of spiral lactation has absolutely no impact.It can be used already at 9 weeks postpartum.Of course, each drug has its disadvantages and contraindications.By cons include more painful periods, the possibility of intrauterine pregnancy, and finally loss spiral.The truth has already appeared a new kind of spiral.It has a container which contains a certain amount of a synthetic analogue of the hormone progesterone.The idea is that gradually goes allocation of this hormone that prevents the penetration of sperm into the uterus and reduces their activity.In addition to funds from unwanted pregnancy, spiral with such properties can be used with curative intent in many gynecological diseases.

also possible to use combined oral contraceptives .They are tablets, which contain two hormones.Hence the name "combined."The sense of action is suppression of oocyte maturation, promote thickening mucus and as a result, obstruction of sperm.Because of their properties combined oral contraceptives before one of the most effective means of protecting against unwanted pregnancy.Now everything has changed dramatically.Given that there are more safe means of contraception for lactating mothers, the use of combination contraceptives is not recommended at all.

So, it is worth recalling again using any method of contraception for lactating mothers, before applying you should definitely consult a doctor.Young mother is responsible not only for himself but also for the health of the baby.Also, the use of contraceptives accurately follow the instructions, significantly increases efficiency and protects against unwanted pregnancy.

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