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Dangerous misconceptions about Contraception

1. Upon receipt of hormone pills may be better.

Sovremennyekombinirovannye oral contraceptives nothing to weight do not have, because the dose of estrogen in nihsnizili, so mikrodozirovannye combined oralnyekontratseptivy and vaginal koltsosoderzhat very small amount of hormones.

1. Oral contraceptives are not compatible with alcohol.

Alkogolnikak not able to influence the effect that give the combined oralnyekontratseptivy, but it is only in a situation where alcohol does not cause vasrvotnogo effect.If peredozirovkaspirtnogo induce vomiting, then you need to take additional dozukontratseptivov.

2. hormonal contraceptive approaches menopause .

Here all stochnostyu contrary!Hormonal contraceptives soften manifestation of menopause can idazhe slightly delay its appearance.This is due zafollikulyarnogo reserve if the woman began to take an oral defense before tomenstruatsii last longer because hormone pills are not dayutvyrabatyvatsya egg.

3. Hormonal contraceptives may cause can

cer and develop.

No nikakihdokazatelstv that there is some connection between liver cancer igormonalnymi contraceptives.If rechidet about cervical cancer, then there is a link, however indirect, because chtobaryshnya, which is protected kontratseptivamiv tablets, does not use a barrier method of contraception.A cancer sheykimatki appears due to an infection, because its cause vysokoonkogennyeshtammy papillomavirus.

4. from combined oral contraceptives can decrease libido.

Libidoizmenyaetsya due to combined oral contraceptives ochenredko.If this happens, tozachastuyu at the beginning of taking the pills, and it is connected only sadaptatsiey body.However, this not only mozhetbyt decrease but increase libido.On the contrary, blagodaryamnogochislennym study found that a third of women of zapriema hormonal oral medications as a vaginal ring nablyudalosuvelichenie frequency of intimate relationships and sexual desire.

5. Combined oral contraceptives cause infertility.

Statistikadokazyvaet that infertile women are less likely to suffer taking gormonalnyetabletki than their peers who have given birth or had abortions bezprimeneniya contraception.

6. To minimize or avoid the side effects need delatpereryvy in hormonal tablets.

Currently there are no science-based evidence that byukazyvali the need for interruptions in receiving combined oralnyhkontratseptivov every few years.From the point of view of medicine, there is no benefit for the body interrupts podobnogoroda addition, after you take a break and start again prinimattabletki side effects (this includes mezhmenstrualnyekrovotecheniya m) during the first three months can only be higher, because of the body and otvyknethe will have to re-adapt to the reception of the combined oral kontratseptivov.Bolee, because these four women pereryvovkazhdaya stradaetnezhelatelnoy pregnancy, so there are doubts whether the necessary voobschekakie any interruptions;can also be lowered, and the positive effects that neotnosyatsya to contraceptives, certainly associated with taking gormonalnyhtabletok.

7. combined hormonal contraceptives can be used only devushkamstarshe 20 years.

Vdeystvitelnosti modern oral contraceptives are suitable for use at a young age, but only after you visit the gynecological office.Because esttakie pills that not only protects against nezhelatelnoyberemennosti, but also reduce the amount of acne on his face, and greasiness kozhi.A young girls the most intense fighting with this problem.

8. The girl can not get pregnant while breastfeeding.

Etozabluzhdenie so dangerous that about ten percent of women come vmeditsinskie institutions to terminate a pregnancy in the first year after rozhdeniyarebenka.Female reproductive system is very well developed, so in a month, even three weeks is ready to become pregnant again, she returns to obychnomuritmu life, so it is imperative to protect themselves.

9. If a woman has sex regularly, it is better to ispolzovatekstrennye methods of contraception.

Women who think that if they had irregular sexual life, it would be better eslioni drink drug only a few times a month than to drink them every day, on the contrary, are putting themselves at great risk.One tablet postcoital kontratseptivaimeet six times more hormones than normal, so one such tabletkananosit great harm to the body as a "shake-up" .Pochemu so called emergency contraception?Because her mozhnotolko apply in certain designated cases.

If vybudete regularly turn to emergency contraception, it can disrupt svoygormonalny background.If you have at least a month dvaraza need protection, then we are talking about regular sexual life ikontratseptivy should choose appropriate and that a barrier, libogormonalnye.

10. When intimacy during menstruation can not be pregnant.

Of course, most women have a greater chance of pregnancy in the middle of the cycle, Nona Despite this, the possibility of pregnancy is in any day of the cycle, and even time period.Still, that should sebyauyasnit for every woman - the sperm are stored in the body of a woman about five shestidney.

11. This method is like coitus interruptus, provides a one hundred percent a protection against unwanted pregnancy.

It also rasprostranennoezabluzhdeniya which women are very veryat.Bezuslovno, conception can occur if your partner uses takuyumeru precautions.Because before ejaculation occurs emissions nebolshogokolichestva lubrication, which also contains the sperm.

12. Women who have reached 45 years of age, can not get pregnant.

Vozrastposle 45 years - it is rather late reproductive period of women.Zachastuyuv this time the woman already has a child, and not even one educates them izabotitsya but late delivery can not be excluded, so can happen chtougodno.

13. Oral contraceptives retain its effect only if their regulyarnoprinimat.

Hormonal contraceptives should not be taken vsochetanii with ascorbic acid, because it is a large dose of vitamin C (1 g per day) kill estrogen.Moreover, the same effect has iparatsetamol.Therefore, they need to take spereryvom two hours, no less.In addition, the contraceptive effect ivsasyvanie drug affects the use of certain anticonvulsants iantibiotikov because they are able to reduce contraceptive protection tabletok.Esli you need to take some medicine, then consult your doctor ginekologomi.And the acquisition of tabletokvnimatelno read leaflet, pay special attention to the section "Vzaimodeystvies other drugs."

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