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Contraception, hormonal intrauterine system

All intrauterine device placed in the uterus, but between them there are some differences.Today there are several types of intrauterine contraceptives.Some of them emit small amounts of progesterone.This leads to an increase of viscosity of the cervical mucus (which hinders the penetration of sperm into the uterus) and the endometrium to changes in preventing implantation of the fertilized ovum.Furthermore, when used in 85% of women observed suppression of ovulation.Other intrauterine devices contain copper and prevent fertilization and implantation of the egg.Contraception intrauterine hormonal system - subject of the article.

Benefits Navy

The main advantages of the use of intrauterine devices include:

• duration of action and high efficiency;

• no discomfort during intercourse;

• reversibility of effects - fertility is restored immediately after removal of the helix.

Immediately after installing intrauterine device doctor examines the patient.In the future, quite routine inspection once a y

ear.For women with heavy menstrual intrauterine contraception may have an additional advantage - when it is used there is a gradual decrease in the intensity of menstrual bleeding, and some women - complete cessation of menstruation.IUDs can be used for emergency contraception (when fitted within five days after intercourse, or the expected date of ovulation).


after IUD insertion may disturb cramping abdominal pain (menstrual-like) or spotting.Side effects of the use of intrauterine contraception (usually temporary) can be:

• irregular bleeding (up to 3 months);

• skin rash (acne);

• headache;

• depressed mood;

• breast engorgement.The main adverse effect of the use of IUDs are abundant prolonged menstruation.However the use of miniaturized devices of new generation to reduce the risk of their occurrence.More serious complications are rare, include:

• spontaneous loss of funds from the uterus;

• infection during IUD insertion or due to perforation of the uterus.

When the pregnancy with an IUD (which happens rarely) is shown the removal of emergency funds in order to avoid complications or miscarriage.Installation Navy conducted during or immediately after menstruation.The contraceptive effect of copper-bearing intrauterine devices appears immediately after installation.Progesteronsoderzhaschie Navy also begin to act immediately if they were installed in the first seven days of the cycle.Intrauterine contraceptives can begin to use immediately after spontaneous or therapeutic abortion or 6-8 weeks after birth.Removal of any intrauterine device made during menstruation.The doctor removes the IUD, sipping the plastic filaments protruding from the cervical canal.


Most women use IUDs is not accompanied by any complications.However, a history of ectopic pregnancy, infections, sexually transmitted vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology, as well as body composition abnormalities or cervical cancer, heart defects, active inflammatory process in the liver, heart attack, stroke, or an allergy to copper may be a contraindication to the use ofthis method of contraception.Barrier methods protect against pregnancy by preventing contact of sperm with the egg.Partners can try various options of barrier contraception, selecting the most appropriate for both.

Condom Condom use is convenient for most people.When selecting funds should pay attention to the quality mark, date printed on the packaging, and make sure there is no damage that could result from exposure to elevated temperature, light, humidity or contact with sharp objects.Please follow the instructions for use of a condom, which is usually located in the package, use it once and avoid contact with the genitals before use.Wear a condom should be carefully rolling it along the penis is erect.Immediately after ejaculation, before the termination of an erection, the penis is removed from the vagina, holding the condom to prevent spilling of semen.

Female condoms

condom is not always convenient for men who have erection problems.Female condom is introduced as deeply as possible into the vagina by means located within the flexible ring.During intercourse the ring can be removed.The second protrusion ring at the open end remains outside the condom.When removing the condom, it is twisted so that the sperm remains inside.Female condom can be uncomfortable for women experiencing discomfort when touching the genitals.

diaphragms and cervical caps

There are several types of vaginal diaphragms and cervical caps.They come in different sizes and are made mostly of rubber, although in recent years, new silicone model.The cervical cap is fixed to the cervix, while the diaphragm covers not only the uterine cervix but also the anterior vaginal wall.Your doctor will help you choose the right size cap or diaphragm and give explanations for their use.Adjusting the size of needed every 6-12 months.The diaphragm or cap must remain in the vagina for 6 hours after intercourse.They are easy to clean with warm water and a mild soap.These methods are suitable for most women, but their use may be limited by the weakness of the muscles of the vagina, the anomalies of the structure or position of the cervix, as well as in cases where the patient suffers from recurrent urinary tract infections or uncomfortable when you touch the genitals.