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What to choose oral contraceptives

What today is present oral contraceptives, oral contraceptives have to choose what benefit or harm they cause to the female body?Many people believe that oral contraceptives are convenient for the modern woman and give 100% percent protection against unwanted conception.

Features of oral contraceptives

This type of contraception is freely sold in pharmacies, besides a lot of them.However, before opting for such contraceptives, be sure to consult your doctor.With your doctor can discuss all the issues, weigh the "minus" and "plus" to choose the best option for you.

appoint the best option contraception may only doctor-gynecologist, taking into account all the features of your body.Women who take oral contraceptives, significantly reduced the risk of cancer of maturation, inflammation of genitals, of ectopic pregnancy.

mechanism of action of oral contraceptives

Hormones drug, artificially created by acting on the woman's body, inhibit ovulation.After such exposure to the egg is unable to fully

mature, but without the full maturation of the egg conception is impossible.

Existing types of oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are divided into three main groups:

first - postcoital preparations.This kind of preparation is able to protect against unwanted pregnancy, accepted it immediately after sex.Such preparations are composed of a large number of hormones, because the only way they will be effective.However, after applying these drugs can have side effects which usually appear in nausea, possible even vomiting and dizziness can occur similar symptoms.This type of contraception is recommended to use as little as possible, or to combine them with other methods (it all depends on how much time has passed after sex).This drug can be taken after sex if less than 75 hours, if later, the effect will not be.

second group - progestin preparations.These contraceptives because of their combination is not considered sufficiently effective.But in this case as compared with other possible oral contraceptives, they have a fairly large number of advantages.Progestogens drugs called mini-pill.This group of drugs can be taken even while breastfeeding, moreover, the number of breast milk and its quality is no impact.From progestin drugs does not rise pressure, which often occurs when you start taking birth control pills.These drugs are prescribed for everybody, and the young women and the aged.However, as with all medications, progestational agents have the disadvantage, although insignificant.Taking birth control pills are needed every day, not only need to do this at one and the same time, the drink earlier or later - will not be any effect.

third group - combined oral contraceptives.These birth control pills are considered to be the most effective, as contain several hormones.Combined contraceptives are multiphase, so most women prefer to accept this kind of pills.

Now, knowing what are oral contraceptives and how much each of them are effective, you can easily choose the right for you.

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