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How to choose a vaginal spiral

  • absence of significant side effects, (very rarely there may be pain during menstruation)
  • spiral - this is one of the cheapest contraceptive
  • efficiency.
  • Spiral protect women from pregnancy up to five years.Talk to your gynecologist about how to choose a vaginal spiral.

    Spiral recommended to set only when women have no contraindications to its installation and provided that it brings an experienced gynecologist.Many patients use spiral entire adult life.Vaginal spiral is introduced 5-6 years.Upon expiration, the woman's request, it may be replaced by another, after a certain period of time.

    Brass and gold spiral

    Copper Intrauterine spiral eventually oxidized and falls apart into small particles, irritating the inner cavity of the uterus.This could be an open wound.Rising infection will always cause inflammation in the uterus.T - shaped copper spiral in the menstrual period can cut and slightly injure the uterine wall.

    Today, many doctors advise women choose vaginal spiral with drug reconciliat

    ion.This spiral is placed on five years and may be nothing to worry about.The drug levonorgestrel prevents your ovaries form an egg, preventing fertilization.Levonorgestrel inhibits the growth of the endometrium and theoretical egg is unable to attach to the uterus from the inside of the uterus thickens mucus and prevents the sperm from reaching the uterus.Indications for use of Mirena are - uterine fibroids, endomitrioz;recommended for women older than 35 years.

    now widely used containing gold and silver-containing vaginal spirals.Use vaginal spiral of gold and silver is recommended nerozhavschim women, nursing mothers, and immediately after the abortion.

    silver ions have anti-inflammatory properties.

    woman can choose and plastic spiral.

    Spirals recommended for women who have a stable family relationships, one partner and those who need a convenient means of protection against unwanted pregnancy.

    Benefits spiral

    main advantages of IUD is that it effectively prevents conception (99% effect).Action vaginal spiral begins immediately after injection.The spiral may be the only contraceptive that is designed for long term use.After the introduction of the spiral need special medical supervision is required only in rare cases where women are worried.

    Side effects

    Sometimes women may feel back pain, vaginal discharge or allergic skin manifestations.

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