Figure guarantee

Why start losing weight?
This question is often asked by those who are not happy with their figure, but does not consider it necessary to initiate any steps to change.You can love yourself for who you are, you can learn not to want a lot of things that people are allowed to lean, you can not even notice the endless competition and losses in the struggle for love.But those who could change his body, could see significant improvements that have taken place after the change.
Here are some reasons for deciding to get rid of the extra kilos:
-Lishny weight impairs memory;
, are suffering the cardiovascular system;
-Narushaetsya metabolism;
-Uvelichivaetsya load on the bones and spine, which leads to inevitable problems;
-Ponizhaetsya self-esteem;
-Voznikaet guilt and shame for himself;
-Razvivaetsya an inferiority complex;
-Poyavlyayutsya reasons to think about discrimination against obese people - almost all the beautiful clothes designed only for those who wear the average size;
-Ponizhaetsya sexual activ

As a consequence, the quality of life deteriorates.Of course, among fat people is not enough healthy and happy people can be guided by them.But in fact, fat people have to contend with far more problems than those who are not inclined to beat his or completeness.

Where to start?
Before you start to lose weight, you need to change internally.If you are convinced that there is a way to lose weight while lying on the couch and without much effort and sacrifice, you are deeply mistaken.It is no secret, moreover, that the result will only be if you put a lot of effort.
set a goal to start.How many kilograms you want to lose?Be aware, the higher the number, the more time you have to spend in order to get closer to her.There are no miracle cures and diets that can remove the 5, 10, 15 kilos from your body a few days.All recipes which promise it are destructive to the body and short-lived.

Review your daily routine.If you are used to sleep for 10-12 hours and spend most of the day sitting on the couch or in a chair, you have to change the lifestyle more active.If you go to bed at different times, and sleep too little, you will have to restore order in the distribution of time.The same applies to power - it must be a full and regular.You have to eliminate from the diet all the excess, limit your intake of sweet, fatty, starchy foods and hot, reduce the consumption of alcohol and to enter into the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals, not fatty meats and fish.
worth knowing that when the body vyydёt of stress begin to receive food, sleep and movement in a balanced manner, it can react to it, having saved a couple of kilos.It is compensation for the lifestyle you led before.But this is not a sentence and not a sign of the fact that you can not lose weight.This is normal.
Be prepared to physical stress.For them, too, it will take time - at least two hours a day walking in the fresh air and at least one hour a day of strength training and aerobic exercise.You can walk, engaged on a treadmill or other simulator and make lasting physical exercises.You should begin with small, gradually increasing the load, but the lessons have to be regular.
For faster visible results divide training into two parts.First, the morning, make more difficult a night light.

Do not start the exercise immediately after a meal, or just before bedtime.And, most importantly, listen to your body.He will tell you about the time in which it is best to load transfer and how much he needed compensation in the form of sleeping, eating and relaxing.What is important is not to be confused with the real needs of laziness and caprice.

How to fix?
known that you can lose weight on a sufficiently large number of kilograms.You may even be able to stop in time and will proud.But without the right attitude to his new body, you do not hold the necessary weight for a long time.
Firstly, it is not necessary to stop exercise.They do not need to increase, they should only be supported, but not have to be.Leave, for example, exercise, walking, yoga.Strength training can resume, as soon as you see the need.
Second, follow the diet.Do not deprive yourself of delicious sweets and cakes, just need to understand that the surplus will lead to extra inches, which will have to get rid of immediately.
Third, do not skimp on the emotions.It is well known that emotional people are not so likely to be overweight.Therefore, do not turn your life into a swamp, diversify it, do not be afraid of emotions.But at the same time try to maintain a healthy nervous system - do not indulge in the extreme.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for those who want to lose weight and stay slim for a long time - a person feels with a new body and a new life.Try to change the attitude to yourself, to your body, to the way of life, then the spiritual changes will not hesitate to escalate into external.