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Efficiency lactation as a contraceptive method after childbirth

Breastfeeding is quite an effective method of contraception, it is true only when at the same time there are some factors:

  • has not resumed menstruation - bleeding within 42 days after delivery are not menstruation;
  • child on a full or nearly full breast-feeding;
  • baby less than 6 months.

When simultaneity of these factors the probability of getting pregnant is less than 2%.

resumption of menstruation after childbirth

If the mother does not feed the baby breast, then menstruation resumed after about 6-8 weeks.In nursing women it is difficult to predict the onset of menarche.This can happen for 2 - 18 months after delivery.

full or nearly full breastfeeding

Full breastfeeding - when the baby does not eat anything other than mother's milk during the day and at night.Breastfeeding is almost complete - no less than 85% of the child's diet per day is given mother's milk, and the remaining 15%, or even less - the different nutri

tional supplements.If the child does not wake up during the night or day there are sometimes more than 4 hours between feedings - breastfeeding can not provide reliable protection against pregnancy.

Necessity choose another method of contraception appears:

  • if there bleeding after 42 days from the date of delivery.And if such allocation bears little resemblance to menstruation, a woman who was pregnant until they are still considered to be a signal the recovery of ovarian function and, of course, the possibility of getting pregnant.
  • if the lure begins on a permanent basis or lengthen the intervals between breastfeeds.
  • age baby became more than 6 months.

contraceptive methods, combined with breast-feeding

  1. Sterilization - when no longer planned births, then the best option contraception - male sterilization - duct ligation, introducing the semen or female sterilization - tubal ligation.In Russia, a sterilization procedure performed in a hospital.
  2. IUD.It can be put in any time after giving birth.Spiral recommended to enter after after delivery will take 3-4 weeks, if the mother is not breastfeeding, six months after cesarean section, if not posed during the operation.
  3. Hormonal contraception.From this contraception while breastfeeding is recommended to apply only progesteronosoderzhaschie drugs.These hormonal passes into breast milk in small amounts and do not affect the development of the baby.Birth control pills, having in its composition and progesterone, and estrogen is not contraindicated during lactation and also did not affect the development of the child, but make less breastmilk and lactation reduced.
  4. can use condoms, diaphragm.

If the mother is not breastfeeding

As noted above, if the mother does not feed the baby breast immediately after birth, the menstruation resumed after about 6-8 weeks.Since ovulation takes place before menstruation, which means that an unplanned pregnancy can occur before a given date.Therefore it is not recommended to start breast-feeding women use any contraceptive method, since the third week after birth.

If for some reason stopped breastfeeding, it is necessary to use contraception as soon as soon as the process finishes breastfeeding.
worth a gynecologist to discuss which method of contraception is most suitable at the first visit to him after the birth, encouraged all who gave birth to the 3-4 week postpartum period.

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