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Blue screen, as a substitute for what we lack in life

Pomneniyu psychologists, magic blue screen is very deceptive and kovarnyyoblik each of us sees on the screen is what he lacks in real everyday life.IPSFA it would be nice to find out exactly what each one of us is missing.

«Healing" surrogate love

as saith the people: "The series series strife!".Young mothers will not will "glued" to the kitchen, have the diaper being so inclined to give preference taknazyvaemym "prolonged" melodramatic serials.They ogromnymudovolstviem talk about their impressions of her friends in the sandbox and vmestes them with great looking forward to the new series and the isolation of the storyline.

What gives? Mass abundance telestrastey napolnyaetih life emotional variety.In addition, the plot is built around takihserialov everyday topics - marriage, infidelity, divorce, children, and to boliprivychnaya situation.

«Behind the scenes"? happens that the fan to try to serialanachinaet your life serial line of development of relations.And kakpravilo dress does

not look like the heroine is not ... Here is the result irazocharovanie it in real life!

«Friends" from various "Areas»

A lady that the lion's share of his personal life devote work, give predpochteniemenee tearful, but more humorous TV series ("Melrose Place," "Sex and the city vbolshom").A significant factor is the fact that each series yavlyaetsyazakonchennym "small film" Well they also do not have time to follow the kazhdyyden with the development of all the nuances of the hero, they need a "large thread" of the plot.Plus, these ladies obozhayutrassmatrivat interiors of houses, clothes, makeup and hairstyles heroes.

What gives? Unobtrusive familiarity with modnymitrendami.These series are excellent implicit display advertising modnyhbrendov.Also, these are the series in the role of a great relaxation.

«Behind the scenes"? Chasing another dress by "Kevin Klein" can easily go postopam sad fate Ellochka-ogress that without result pytalassorevnovatsya with a daughter of the millionaire Vanderbilt ...

«Clone" passions "bednoyNaste»

Razvitievesma far fromtoday passions accounting for taste-osnovnompozhiloy in public or representatives of the poor: and the first, second, and hardly ever able to break the link with their "rodimymipyatnami."

What gives? So these people virtually embody in life his desire to "change places" and to get acquainted again ups and downs of everyday life.An interesting fact is that chtozarubezhnye pensioners who travel frequently, instead prefer dokumentalnyefilmy series in which we are talking about exotic travels and wildlife.

«Behind the scenes"? Go from "noble and beautiful" Telemir vserye weekdays sometimes very difficult and painful.

And the eternal battle - the battle is ...

Militants usually like any ladies that have a muscular structure, or "fighting friend" who are ready for svoihvtoryh halves days smotretfilmy this genre.By the way, it is that such films are selected unmet sexual terms of the fair sex.

What gives? muscular Looking at the "bad guys», sometimes have to chempofantazirovat in bed as a favorite, and without it ...

«Behind the scenes"? If you once again snaslazhdeniem watch as athletic Statham "punishes" svoihvragov, then you should change something in their lives.And most of all etootnositsya to sexual partners.

«Elementary, Watson!»

Obladatelnitsylogicheskogo mentality, possessing a great lot of free time, not before mogutustoyat detective mnogohodkami and serious dramatic films.Tselevayaauditorii this genre - women age, who, though not all, but mnogoeslozhilos in life and who are not suffering from domestic and financial problems.Ihpredpochtenie - not only the quality of life, but also movies.For this reason, cardboard strastivyzyvayut on their face condescending smile, primitivism victory alone nadprisheltsami - confusion and laughter.

What gives? Usually nevsegda stability is the guarantee of happiness.It is for this reason that all routine even vesmaslozhivsheysya life sometimes want to dilute with the help of clever and krasivyhchuzhih suffering.

«Behind the scenes"? virtual world is not the real hochetsochetatsya.Even samyyluchshy hero of the film can not replace the real and ordinary satellite.Poetomuvse telestradaniya worth keeping in kinozhizni.

error art-house

Neuverennyev himself ladies with constant claims to originality give predpochtenieart House.Often, they can not really give an explanation to their preferences IPSFA no thought to the culturological basis of what they saw for their nosrazhatsya kinoubezhdeniya they would prefer to complete victory.

What gives? desire to be accepted in the "coterie", forcing them to suffer on a very obscure subjects.

«Behind the scenes"? Suffering anguish, and join the obschinuintellektualov oh how not easy: internal culture can not replace obychnayatelenahvatannost.

How much is the "ring" for the "Orcs"?

Predstavitelnitsyslabogo floor with a "spark" in the eyes, nails pogryzennymi in etnicheskihdolgopolyh garments that are in active search of that "Knight" - the main part of the adherents of fantasy.

What gives? This compares with dorogoysigaroy that is passed around in these get-togethers.

«Behind the scenes"? About six months takihkinobdeny can observe the complete victory of art over reason.And there might be vmestorytsarya man, far from ideal.

as Alexander the Great in "Troy" entered

«peplum" about the history and monumental biography of cine ZHZL like, as a rule, nerds and pedantic ladies who used to live in their moralizing.

What gives? These people nezrimooschuschayut its very noticeable gaps in schooling and blockbusters takogoplana can help an angry and cheap to catch up.

«Behind the scenes"? Constant attempts isoputstvuyuschie desire to retell a story, even your best friend can earn stable "turned down".

«Teleprigovor" for life?

Pugatsyasovsem not worth it, because in the course of life all of our kinopristrastiya easily modifitsiruyutsya.Kstati their sudden change may mozhetstat signal - and it is quiet in your life?Or it's time to change something?

More odtnsimptom television implementation - an identity crisis.Zaekranny stranstvovaniyprostranstve world and in time gives people illyuziyuuchastiya in life "as it is" at the same time freeing up the risk, obedinennogos actual participation.

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