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Most modern contraceptives

Perhaps , if measured on a scale of achievements of human civilization, most of the women put the highest score ... the most modern means of contraception.Barrier methods (condoms), which often causes complaints from representatives of the stronger sex (by the way, uncomfortable in a condom - it's just one of the myths of men!), But quite reliably prevent not only unwanted pregnancies but also diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).Chemical contraception (candles and creams) - to use a very simple, protect against STDs, but in terms of protection from pregnancy is not too reliable, and have a specific smell.

IUDs also belong to contraception, allowing not think of pregnancy, but do not give an absolute guarantee of protection from pregnancy and does not protect against disease, and in addition, are not suitable yet to parous women.Hormonal oral contraceptives - the most reliable among the brothers, plus they can at the same time to align hormonal imbalance and get rid of many problems with h

ealth and appearance.On the one hand, interfere with hormones oocyte maturation, on the other, they act on the mucus in the vagina, its thickening - i.e. physically sperm becomes hard to penetrate into the uterus.The only drawback of the most modern means of contraception: it is very much necessary to strictly observe the regime, to take daily tabletochki very small in the same time ... For those who are not on the list of their advantages of punctuality, the pharmaceutical industry invents new means of contraception - both reliable and easy to use.

Magic Sticker
.If you're tired of the tablets, you can take the patch ... and stick it on the body.The patch is certainly not ordinary, and contraceptive.It usually flesh-colored paste, you can it to any area of ​​the body (abdomen, thigh, upper arm ...) in addition to the breast area.The patch should be pressed firmly to the skin and make sure the edges are well stuck - and then you can forget about it for a week.Its operating principle is as in the hormone tablets, with the only difference that hormones enter the bloodstream through the skin here.To think that the patch may come off not worth it.You can safely bathe in the tub, play sports, go to the bath.He did not become detached.

Ring memory
.What to remember about the need to replace the patch once a week for you too too burdensome?Then you come to the aid of another means of contraception - contraceptive vaginal ring.It will protect you as much as three weeks.Then it should be removed and a week later (menstruation just pass) to put new again for three weeks.Still, worries about unplanned pregnancy behind!

if necessary - a prick!Injections are also progestin to contraception.They can do even nursing mums so they are safe.Solving the problem of contraception is obtained for a period of eight to twelve weeks.The only drawback is that a shot you will not be able to do themselves, and have to turn to the doctor.But this is not such a terrible problem.

Steps spiral
.Spiral traditional now also improved.To it was added hormones, those found in equal portions.And it is called hormone spiral intrauterinnaya.With such a spiral, you will be protected as much as four years.The operation of such conduct may, of course, only a qualified physician.It can be set only parous women, as well as traditional, by the way.

long time.Intrauterine contraceptives gormonosoderzhaschie appeared in the mid-70s of the last century.However, not widely used - the scientists could not give them a perfect shape.But we are not in vain live in an age of technology developed: Our services Mirena is almost perfect - intrauterine system.It is a rod with a container filled with the hormone levonorgestrel.The entire system is inserted into the uterus, and the container is released active ingredient daily, providing a period of five years reliable contraception and therapeutic effect in hormonal imbalances.Hormone predicts a local effect on the endometrium and endometrium, which is more secure than that of other hormonal contraceptives.That is why MIRENA can be recommended even to nursing mums.

.The first and most important rule for women who choose hormonal contraception - no amateur!Only a qualified doctor after examination and blood tests may prescribe appropriate medication for you!But, in addition, remember that ... Partly neobilnye spotting mid-cycle during the first months of contraception are acceptable.If the bleeding lasts longer than eight days - to the doctor immediately!Similarly, pain headaches are harmless, a slight increase in weight and pain in the area of ​​the breast in the early days of hormonal contraceptives.The reliability of hormonal methods - to 99.9%.However, preventing pregnancy, they do not protect against STDs.So if you have multiple sex partners, and you're not quite sure of their sexual contacts, do not neglect in addition to hormonal contraceptives condoms!The ability to give birth is restored very quickly after women stop taking oral contraceptives.In addition, an occasion consult a doctor immediately are abdominal pain (lower part), an infection or bleeding at the injection site (if you choose injectable contraceptive), migraines, recurring severe headaches.

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