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What are the methods of emergency contraception

So, if you have had sexual intercourse with a stranger, or you are unsure that your partner is completely healthy, the best solution is to consult a doctor and get tested.Do not worry about it, because all the tests you can go anonymously.And if there are problems - you get all the emergency assistance.It's much better than to wait until you manifest any signs of disease.Because the consequences much more difficult to treat than to prevent them.

But do not forget about the extra methods that you have to spend in any case, regardless of the situation.These are hygienic procedures, such as sanitation solution hlorgiksedina (antiseptic) genitals.

Since we should not exclude the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, along with all the procedures necessary to carry out emergency contraception.These tools can help you avoid an unwanted pregnancy, and afterwards, and abortion.

There are drugs so-called post-coital contraception.Their use within 24 hours after sexual intercourse with 99% probability prevents

unwanted pregnancy.But the use of such means should only in exceptional cases.Such cases include: rape of a woman, or if you have reasonable grounds to doubt the integrity of the condom during intercourse if the offset was protective membrane, as well as the methods of contraception if you always use, for whatever reasons, can notbe used

In no case do not resort to national methods of emergency contraception.Because no lemon slices, or hopping on one leg, or a hot bath will not help you protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.Do not be fooled and do not waste your time.This can lead to undesirable consequences.Because not only effective, but also more dangerous to health.

pregnancy occurs on the 5th day after fertilization, so if you went up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse, is not too late to turn to emergency contraception.These methods include hormonal contraception or hormonal method.It is best to consult a doctor and he prescribes you the necessary hormone.The essence of it is that would be right after the act or within 72 hours to drink several hormonal contraceptive tablets.Then again drink again after 12 hours.

If you decide not to see a doctor, you need to understand all the risk that you are doing.In any case, do not take Postinor or Dinazol.These tablets are very many side effects that may not affect best on your body.Remember, consult a doctor - is the key to your health.

Acceptance of such tablets can cause nausea or vomiting.If you decide to take hormonal contraceptives, pre eat something sour or salty, or drink a glass of milk.If nausea could not be avoided, then take the second dose with drugs that prevent vomiting.

your actions will lead to the fact that in a few days you should not begin to bleed heavily, such as menstruation.If bleeding is not - you need to do a pregnancy test.

These hormones often break the cycle, so you have to monitor the condition of your body, and be prepared for the fact that the next period you can start earlier or later than usual.It can also be accompanied by painful sensations.If you have any problems or suspicions that something goes wrong, or lasts more than seven days, be sure to see a doctor.And told him that taking hormonal contraceptives.

Seek medical advice even necessarily because absolutely all women receiving hormonal contraceptives shows.Apply them can only if you are sure that you allowed it.If you are not one of the women who can use contraceptives, you should resort to other methods.

example, setting device (IUD).However, this method is effective not later than the fifth day after sexual contact.The reliability of this method is very, very high, but the downside is that it is not for everyone.If you suspect that you might become pregnant before, or there is a risk of contracting AIDS, or you have a serious gynecological diseases, the spiral you put contraindicated.

So to avoid all these problems, of course, is to minimize the possibility of unplanned or unprotected intercourse.But if after all-it happened, get the opportunity to see a doctor and he will select you an effective remedy and minimize unpleasant consequences.

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