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Christmas legends from different countries

Christmas legends

bright Christmas holiday is celebrated worldwide.And despite the national differences, lyudivsey earth this day waiting for a miracle, a fairy tale, magic.Especially popular in the festive evening, when the whole family sobiraetsyaza table, Christmas legend onebyvalyh miracles that happen on the eve of the holiday.

tradition of giving gifts of kindness creates a bright atmosphere ischedrosti.Christmas is the true embodiment of the image of Santa Claus.Location zheprishel this genial old man who every Christmas night probiraetsyav home peacefully sleeping inhabitants, handing out gifts obedient children?The most veroyatnymkandidatom is Saint Nicholas - an ordinary man, who for a long time zhilna territory of modern Turkey.He was very kind to the poor and constantly gave food items or money, but did it at night so that no one noticed.After the death, he became a saint and continued his work.He really looks like a SantaKlausa.Truth in different countries have their own national h

eroes, bringing podarki.Tak Tompa lives in Sweden.It is the evening of Christmas rides on a goat and podarki.V Norway carries little man named Yulebukk comes to people on a sleigh pulled by foxes.In Italy podarkidarit fairy Befana.Once upon a time, she took care of the three wise men that went povidatnovorozhdennogo Jesus.Now she flies on a broom, carrying a bag on his shoulders spodarkami.

Another essential attribute of Christmas - well-dressed beauty-Christmas tree.Her poyavleniesvyazyvayut a night when Jesus was born.Kings ScS distant countries came pozdravitmladentsa, they brought a lot of expensive gifts.Joseph, too, to something toporadovat Jesus, green tree be cut down and brought into the cave.The same momentzvezdy from the sky slipped and fell on his branch.From the joy of Jesus clapped vladoshi.Since then, the green Christmas tree decorating for Christmas has become a tradition.

bad sign

One of the most popular legends says that kanunRozhdestva cattle in the stall respectfully kneels in the zhemoment, acquiring the gift of speech.If you believe another version, neprodolzhitelnayasposobnost talk catches a cat or dog.But pereskazchikidannoy legends do not advise to listen to that says because rezultatommozhet be fatal.And as if to prove the above poyavilaspritcha.

In ancient times, a greedy woman kept a cat and a dog, who sat on her bread and water.And once at Christmas skupayadama I heard as the animals are talking to each other.The dog told the cat that ochenskoro save them from the fate of the old hag when it gets dark in the house would climb thieves hostess scared, scream and get a heavy object on the head.Cat said she personally will not suffer.Mistress of such information is plunged into a terrible paniku- she opened the door to hide from neighbors and on the threshold met togosamogo attacker who, as predicted by the dog, broke her skull.

There are several myths that are associated with animals.On severeAnglii, for example, they were peasants, who believed that the bees at this time sobirayutsyav Roy to sing, or rather, buzz carols.But dogs "act" on this night it was impossible, because according to a sign, the dogs that howl nakanuneRozhdestva, picked rabies before the end of the year.

believed that at Christmas time all evil creeps out, so poslezakata sun to go out is not advised.Even Gogol wrote about hell and Vakula.In Sweden, it is believed that on Christmas Eve trolliustraivayut dances and other entertainment.Witches flock on the Sabbath, sitting on Mettlach wolves.Throughout the night from the mountain hear the sounds of fun - there is singing, dancing, rowdy and yelling.So people are waiting for the morning at home.

Christmas traditions in Russia

Feast of the Nativity in Russia has always been shrouded in a certain mystery.It veti days occurred most incredible stories, because of beliefs, rozhdestvenskiesvyatki - a time when the real and the other world intersected inevedomye being freely walked the earth.How many interesting myths, legends associated with Christmas in Russian.

people has long sought to appease the spirits of nature and privlechblagosostoyanie to their homes and Christmas Day at an opportune moment came dlyaetogo.For example, on a table put two cakes, one on top of another;Father semeystvastanovilsya behind them, as if hiding, and the children pretended to be looking for and do not see ego.Imelos in mind that cakes are so large that they can not see for even a person, and that it should continue.Revered by our ancestors and fire kaksimvol purity and nobility.The night before Christmas in the village vsepechi and extinguished torch, so that no one in the house did not burn a fire, then the best pochitaemyezhiteli village bonfire, from which each took a torch and carried to sebedomoy.It was believed that the new fire purifies the house from past misfortunes and sorrows, to bring good luck for the whole year ahead.

evenings and Christmas to the Epiphany of the village went ryazhenye.Oni dressed in ragged clothing, masks, twisted coats, costumes of animals, such as bears.In this form the youth went from house to house raspevayakolyadki praising the birth of the Savior and wishing peace and prosperity to owners.Zasvoi songs and presentation Kolyada got treats.

But perhaps the most famous and mysterious rites on Rozhdestvoyavlyaetsya divination.We dealt with this young unmarried girls seeking uznatsvoe future and uvidetsuzhenogo-maskers.Girls threw the fence boots, listened razgovorypod strangers windows, go to the bath, wondering on wax and shadows, and of course zhevglyadyvalis in the mirror hall by candlelight.